Hearthstone: You Need To Know About The Launch Of “Conspiracy Of Shadows.”

Hearthstone: You Need To Know About The

Hearthstone: You Need To Know About The Launch Of “Conspiracy Of Shadows”. The new Hearthstone expansion “Conspiracy of Shadows” is live. We’ll tell you what you need to know.

After long months of waiting, today (April 9, 2019) the day finally arrived for Hearthstone to receive its first expansion of 2019. The Shadow Plot launches and returns the Hearthstone Archcias . However, this is also the beginning of a new year in Hearthstone and many old maps can no longer be used. We’ll tell you what’s changing and what you need to look for today.

When does it start? The launch of Shadow Plot is global at the same time. So far, the launch was different depending on the game region, but with this expansion Blizzard wants to try a simultaneous start all over the world.

Please keep in mind that there may be slight delays and in past extensions the Hearthstone servers could be overloaded in the first few minutes.

135 new cards: In total there will be 135 new cards. 10 new ones for each class (including two legendary cards) and then another 45 neutral cards. If you want to see all new maps, you can see them in this article .

New Tags: A fresh expansion also comes with new buzz words and map mechanics. These three innovations are there.

  • Minions : These little minions are created by other cards and have powerful battle cries, which usually reinforce other cards.
  • Twin Magic: Spells with this keyword give the player a copy of this spell after casting. However, the copy will no longer have “twin magic”.
  • Plans : Some cards are sinister plans. These become more powerful each round they remain in the player’s hand.

Free card for the launch: Whether you have pre-ordered new card packs or not, who logs in now, he gets the card Archmage Vargoth for free. This can already be played in decks before the expansion is live.

These cards fly out: With the beginning of “Year of the Dragon”, three old extensions will no longer be playable in standard game mode. These extensions are no longer usable:

  • Travel to Un’Goro
  • Knight of the Frost Throne
  • Goblins & Catacombs

In addition, however, a few more cards are sent to retirement, which are actually only next year on it. A total of 9 additional cards land in the “Hall of Fame” and players keep the dust costs in full.

Among them are the following evergreens:

  • Baku, the lunar luncher
  • Genn gray teeth

The archetype of the even and odd decks should be quickly extinct.

First successful Decks on Shadow Plots are expected tomorrow. Then it will turn out, if the whole decks of Theory-Crafter can prove themselves in actual duels.

Stay Tuned For More Updates

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