Ninja Explains Where You Should Not Land In Fortnite At The Moment

Ninja Explains Where You Should Not

Ninja Explains Where You Should Not Land In Fortnite At The Moment. The professional Ninja has explained in a stream, where you should not land in Fortnite. He calls a total of 3 places.

What are these places? In his stream, Ninja names 3 places that are currently very bad for landing. This includes:

  • Retail Row
  • Pleasant Park
  • Tilted Towers

In his stream, the professional then explains why these places are so bad landing points.

Therefore you should not land in these 3 places

How come Ninja on it? The streamer landed with his team in Retail Row and gets there directly under attack. Therefore, the team had to install there directly and it came to the topic, which places are particularly bad for landing.

Ninja says: In this situation, Ninja is also sure that Retail Row is one of the worst landing spots in the game. For him, this place is not alone the worst.

So he says, “Here are the worst places to be in the game at the moment: Pleasant Park, Retail Row and Tilted Towers.”

Why are these places so bad? The streamer also explains why these places are so bad. He says that while these places are incredibly popular on the one hand, on the other hand, they simply do not provide enough materials and loot.

So it may be that you land there and have to fight with another squad for the few materials.

“Damn, Pleasant Park, you can come out without a sign. This place is terrible, “said Ninja to one of the places.

This is behind the Landing Spots: The best places to land vary with Fortnite’s changes. In some places, there are suddenly more or less loot changes.

Ninja had already commented in March, saying that Pleasant Park was the worst place to land . Now he added Retail Row and Tilted Towers.

Do you agree with Ninja? Do you also find these places bad to land?

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