Players In Anthem Do So Much Damage That The Boss Strikes

Players In Anthem Do

Players In Anthem Do So Much Damage That The Boss Strikes. One of the activities in Anthem is fortresses. Why one should not do so much damage to the bosses in the Strongholds, a player has now shared on Reddit.

What did the players do? In Anthem Subreddit, a player has uploaded a video of the Fortress of the Heart of Anger . The description states that if you inflict enough damage on the monitor in the first phase of the boss fight to defeat it, the game will get a softlock.

Softlock means that Anthem keeps going in the situation, but players have no way to move on.

What does the video show? In the video you can see how the players cause enormous damage to the monitor – and that in the first phase. The fight against the monitor usually has three phases. If the group does a certain amount of damage to the opponent, he warps and the next phase starts.

The fact that the players already cause so much damage in the first phase, is not actually planned. As a result, the game does not seem to know how to proceed. The final boss does not take any further damage and the fortress can not be completed.

How did the player do that? The player himself did not comment on the video. However, in the anthem subreddit, readers assume that the group has good equip and the fight takes place on one of the lower difficulty levels .

Some players take the strongholds at a low level to get through their daily tasks as quickly as possible. Some level so also the factions to unlock the challenge “Champion of Tarsis”.

To make regular higher damage to the monitor, the players on Reddit give a hint: In the third phase of the fight glowing orbs appear, causing players higher damage when they sit down. Some players did not realize that these were “good” Orbs, so they avoided them since the launch of Anthem.

Incidentally, the ex-chief of Anthem wants to know exactly what went wrong in the development:

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