Red Dead Online Again Brings Out A New Game Mode: Junk

Red Dead Online Again Brings Out A

Red Dead Online Again Brings Out A New Game Mode: Junk The new weekly update for Red Dead Online is now here. It brings the game mode Junk. In addition, rank requirements for certain garments are removed for a short time.

What’s new? The online mode of Red Dead Redemption 2 is regularly updated. Today, on 9.4. The developers put on a patch, which brings back a new game mode.

In addition, there are bonuses in the level requirements for certain items. They are now down for a few days.

Game mode Junk in RDO

How to Play: In this mode, up to 16 players join together in teams. Supplies are to be snapped up in central locations to bring them to the base.

There’s more action when you steal supplies from your opponents. They can steal enemy teams from the base. The problem with that is that you will be visible to the enemy once you pick up the loot.

So prepare yourself a solid plan beforehand, if you want to steal the opponents.

Rockstar recommends that you use dead-eye skill cards like “concentrated fire.” They help your team and make your allies do more damage when your Dead Eye is active.

Again a new game mode: In recent weeks, Red Dead Online is provided with many new game modes.

  • In game mode Spoils of War you also steal prey
  • Up in Smoke gets explosive
  • The finish races require aiming and control of the horse

These bonuses are now available

There are new clothes now:

  • Owanjila Hat
  • Porter Jacket
  • Concho pants

Item Level Requirements Reduced: All coats, holsters, boots, and gloves normally available at level 40 or above are available to all players.

For higher ranked players, the Turkmen, Missouri Fox Trotter and Arab placed 40th.

In addition, high-explosive dynamite, shotgun, explosive shotgun, express explosive ammunition, and dynamite arrows will be ranked 60th.

This will last until April 15th.
How all showdown modes work:

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