So Cleverly 2 Players In Apex Legends Haul An AFK Player To Victory

So Cleverly 2 Players In Apex Legends

So Cleverly 2 Players In Apex Legends Haul An AFK Player To Victory. Apex Legends is a team game. The importance of fighting together has now been demonstrated by two players who have virtually forced a third to victory.

This is how the game went:

The Apex Legends players xxxStuxnetxxx and MuckleBalls have jointly pushed a third player to victory. They played the legends Wraith and Octane. Her colleague played Gibraltar.

However, immediately after the landing Gibraltar was AFK. He did not do anything anymore and just stood there dull, without collecting anything. However, the two other players decided that they would carry Gibraltar with them.

So they’ve punched him through melee attacks and Wraith portals. Instead of just letting him die, they took him to the last circle and into a house. There they protected him and eliminated all remaining teams. The victory scene they shared on Reddit.

Why Gibraltar not kicked? Actually, Apex Legends sees players automatically removed from the game after a few minutes of inactivity. This was not the case with Gibraltar.

As it turns out, Apex Legends just keeps track of whether the characters are moving. Not if the players make an entry. Something similar confirmed by Reddit user Murphys_1awyer :

I was far in the same lap and decided to camp in the corner of a building. I’ve been aiming back and forth between two entrances, but because I did not move, I was kicked.

So far, it would probably have no effect when kicked, except that the own team disadvantage. In the future, however , Apex Legends may be planning a punishment for Leaver.

This is how the community reacts:

The clip extremely well received by the fans. It amusing that someone literally “gercarried” and you could hardly put it on display more prominently.

But it is also made fun of the fact that Gibraltar is only useful if he does not do anything. Gibraltar is currently one of the most unpopular heroes of Apex Legends.

How do you like the scene?

At the moment, Apex Legends works only with a team of three people. But that may change:

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