So You Become Lucky Friends In Pokémon Go For Guaranteed Lucky Pokémon

So You Become Lucky Friends In Pokémon Go

So You Become Lucky Friends In Pokémon Go For Guaranteed Lucky Pokémon. The lucky friends in Pokémon GO are live! Niantic released the new feature with the latest update.

What are lucky friends? This feature was found in the Pokémon GO code a few days ago. So, lucky pokémon are guaranteed by this feature.

We’ll show you how this new feature works and tell you what it can do to have good luck friends.

How does the “Lucky Friends” feature work?

How do you become a lover? The most important requirement for a good luck friend is the friendship level. Only players who are “best friends” with each other can become happy friends.

This is how the exchange of money looks like.

You’ll get a lucky friend when you interact with your best friend. This goes through:

  • Joint raiding
  • Opening gifts
  • Joint fighting at arenas
  • Swap Pokémon

How does the triggering work? It is likely that this principle happens randomly. So, if you send a gift to a best friend, you might become lucky friends, but this is not guaranteed.

But you already know that this can only be done with the first action of the day. So if you’ve already done something with your best friend and you’re not a lover, you’ll have to try it the day after.

This is how you get a guaranteed lucky pokemon : If you’re lucky friends together, the exchange of your next pokémons will be guaranteed. So you get guaranteed lucky pokemon.

Where do I recognize a lucky friend? If you become lucky friends, you will recognize this directly from your friend in the overview. There are then golden circles around the name and the friend is generally deposited golden.

How often does this work? With every best friend you can become a lucky friend every day. So it is possible to have several lucky friends during the day.

The lucky pokémon bring that: If you have got lucky pokémon by swapping, they bring many benefits. So the leveling costs only half of stardust and the Pokémon has at least 80% IV.

With the lucky friends you can now determine which Pokémon is a lucky pokémon. So you can trade extra strong Pokémon as Lucky’s and get a huge advantage.

Niantic also announced that Shiny Latios is coming to Pokémon GO:

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