The Calypso Twins – We Know About The Rogues In Borderlands 3

The Calypso Twins - We Know About

The Calypso Twins – We Know About The Rogues In Borderlands 3. With Borderlands 3 , players will have to deal with new villains. A prominent role will be taken by the Calypso twins, who will presumably inherit Handsome Jack as Oberschurken. What are their motives and what does the new cult “Children of the Vault” have to do with it?

Why do the villains in Borderlands play such an important role? 

The Borderlands series has always been story-driven, with the characters and their evolution in the forefront of the story. If Borderlands 1 did not have an overly multi-faceted antagonist, the second part of Handsome Jack was one of the best villains of all time.

Since Handsome Jack interacted with the players throughout the plot, his motives, as well as his development, could be captured much more vividly. This not only provided dramatic, but also extremely funny moments.

The alleged villains of Borderlands 3, the Calypso twins, are thus following in gigantic footsteps. Whether Gearbox manages to put the twins similarly strong in the scene, will show up first. Due to the announcement trailer but some information about the journeymen with the distinctive hairstyles are already known.

This is known about the Calypso twins in Borderlands 3

This information can be drawn from the trailers: While the two villains in the already well-known trailers do not speak a word, the environment of the individual scenes already reveals a lot. It can be seen from posters that the twins are called Troy and Tyreen and evidently the cult “Children of the Vault” project (children of the chamber).

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It is noticeable that both have the distinctive bright tattoos that are characteristic of the sirens of Borderlands. Especially exciting are these tattoos at Troy. At the beginning of the announcement trailer this has no tattoos.

Only after the confrontation with Lilith Troy has suddenly shimmering red tattoos (these are actually blue), while Lilith ‘tattoo no longer shine. Apparently the bad guys managed to rob Lilith of her powers. You can watch the scene again in the video:

Further abnormalities of the Oberschurken:

  • Troy is the bigger of the twins and has black hair. He wears a necklace around his neck, on which hang two vials of unknown content. In addition, limb prosthetics seem to be extremely popular in Borderlands, Troy has an artificial arm
  • His sister Tyreen is smaller and littered with scars of unknown origin. She has white hair as a contrast to her brother.

What are the motives of the Calypso twins?

 This is currently only speculation. In a scene of the announcement trailer, the twins are confronted with Lilith and an alien artifact. However, it is unclear whether the siren, which was playable in the first part, is the target of the twins, or the artifact.

However, following the stories of the past Borderlands parts as well as the cult of the twins, we can assume that the players will again race with the twins for access to the chamber (s).

What is the cult “Children of the Vault”?

 At the beginning of the announcement trailer is a psycho recognizable, who has filed his mask and is heading to a camp of the Children of the Vault (CoV) runs. The cult therefore seems to be a reservoir for bandits who want to reorient themselves.

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Exciting: CoV not only a mysterious cult whose motives still hidden, but also a new weapons manufacturer . The firing irons of this faction can fire infinitely, but sometimes they tend to overheat. The Infinity pistol from Borderlands 2 also had infinite ammunition, but did not overheat. The weapons design can definitely be proud of:

Borderlands 3 released on September 14, 2019, for the platforms PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What do you think of the twins and the ominous cult? What role will they play?

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