The Elder Scrolls Online: What You Should Know About The New Elsweyr Area

The Elder Scrolls Online: The New Elsweyr Area

The Elder Scrolls Online: What You Should Know About The New Elsweyr Area. The new Elsweyr area in The Elder Scrolls Online stands out with its extraordinary landscape and culture. It also looks back on a bloody past. Read in our special what can be learned in the previously published Lore so everything about Elsweyr.

Elsweyr consists mostly of desert and is located in the south of Tamriel. This makes it the perfect place to get rid of a dead body! It is also home to the khajiit – a humanoid cat people – and is divided into three major regions:

  • Pellitine
  • Anequina
  • and Quin’knurr.

Where does the name Elsweyr come from? The name of the province of Elsweyr derives from an old Khaji proverb:

” You can only find a perfect company elsewhere 

“Elsewhere” in English is Elsewhere. However, it seems only a coincidence that the Khaji words Elsweyr and Elsewhere sound similar in the language of the Imperial people.

Nonetheless, many translate the provincial name simply as “elsewhere,” although Elsweyr is a name and does not really have a clear meaning.

Varying landscape

In the north of Elsweyr you will find the desert and steppes known from the trailers, while in the south you will find huge jungles and forests. So do not forget your mosquito repellent!

Unfortunately, we have not yet seen a detailed map of the new area, as it will be in the add-on.

In any case, this dichotomy also characterizes the settlement picture. While the Wüstenkhajiit live in the north like nomads, the Khajiit are rather sedentary in the south and even founded some big cities.

But even in the north you will find one city or another, do not worry!

The cat is stepping

The Khajiit were long before any other residents on Elsweyr resident and compared to the other peoples in their time highly developed.

Even before people made any written records of Elsweyr, the first Khajitic cities were already becoming centers of a global trade network.

War, war is always the same

For many hundreds of years Elsweyr divided into many small empires. Then suddenly came the plague and especially hit the Khajiit very hard.

The balance between the rich broke and two great powers formed. From then on a warlike tribe from Anequina was in charge in the north, while in the south a wealthy merchant class from Pellitine seized power.

Since these two parties were rarely united, it came again and again to neat brawls. At the same time established the Empire in Cyrodiil by the rise of the Remanen. It did not take long for the khajiit kingdoms to be incorporated, leading to even more rioting among the cat people.

A wedding between the two socially elevated Khajiit – Keirgo of Anequina and Eshita of Pellitine – ended the differences and the two kingdoms were united to the “Confederation of Elsweyr”.

However, the power from then on was exclusively in the hands of the Khajiitadel. This bothered the Khajiit of the North after a while then and so it came in the following centuries, nevertheless, again and again to turf wars.

Invasion of the Third Reich

One day, Tiber Septim, well known to all Elder Scrolls fans, finally turned up. He conquered the southern part of Elsweyr and expelled the Khajiit living there by force.

But that was not enough for him. In the Colloshallen, a monumental building complex in Elsweyr, he secretly rebuilt the Numidium.

A gigantic machine with immense powers, which was originally built by the Dwemer master architect Kagrenac.

Plans of Anumidium from a Dwemer ruin. A German engineering degree would have done the boys good.

With their help he was finally able to complete his Tamriel campaign successfully. When the third era began, all of Elsweyr had finally become part of Tiber Septim’s empire.