2 New Rumors Fuel The Big MMORPG Lost Ark – But We’re Still Waiting

2 New Rumors Fuel The Big MMORPG Lost Ark

2 New Rumors Fuel The Big MMORPG Lost Ark – But We’re Still Waiting. The development studio behind MMORPG Lost Ark , Smilegate, suggests a mobile version of the game and a move to Unreal Engine 4. But when will it finally come to us?

What is Lost Ark? The MMORPG Lost Ark could be described as a kind of Diablo MMORPG.

  • From the point of view of the Iso you explore a big world and fight many opponents there
  • Group play is important, as well as quests
  • The battles are action-based and active as in a hack ‘n slay

The Korean Open Beta from Lost Ark is well received by the testers . When the game appears in Europe, however, is still unclear. Playing the beta in Germany is possible, but not so easy.

Come Lost Ark Mobile and a move to Unreal Engine 4?

This was hinted at: Smilegate is currently looking for employees with a job posting for a “new project”, which should be a mobile game. Media in Asia believe that this is a mobile version of Lost Ark.

In addition, the studio is looking for employees who are familiar with the Unreal Engine 4. These people are also searched for the PC version of Lost Ark. Therefore rumors are currently making the round, according to which a change of the engine for the MMORPG could be pending.

The idea makes perfect sense

How realistic are these rumors? Mobile games are running well in Asia. And Lost Ark is a game that is also very well received. A mobile version of the title therefore seems only logical. So it’s quite possible that a Lost Ark Mobile is coming.

Changing the engine also makes sense. Lost Ark is currently using the Unreal Engine 3. Developing a recent game with this one is not that easy, as it supports the new version more effectively, providing better performance and more effects. A game with Unreal Engine 4 is better equipped for the future.

The fact that such an engine change is possible is currently shown by NCSoft, who are switching their MMORPG Blade & Soul from Unreal Engine 3 to the new version .

What do the developers think? Smilegate just stated that such rumors are “normal” when a development studio launches a recruiting phase. If there is something to it, the studio did not want to comment.

When will the game appear here? There is still no date for a release in Europe and in the USA. If the rumors are true, then we may get to release the “new” version of the MMORPG at release.

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