A Little Detail In The New Patch From Fallout 76 Just Makes Players Cheer

A Little Detail In The New Patch From

A Little Detail In The New Patch From Fallout 76 Just Makes Players Cheer. Fallout 76 got a little “Quality of Life” feature in the latest update. That’s not a detail in itself, but the fans are very happy with it.

What is that detail?

 In the latest Patch 8 for Fallout 76, dated April 9, 2019, Bethesda has introduced favorites no longer being split directly into workbenches when selected.

Anyone who disassembles a favored weapon on a workbench must first confirm this. A window pops up informing you that you are breaking straight favorites. You can then confirm or reject.

Along with the new change that allows players to name their items, it is designed to prevent preferred weapons from being accidentally scraped.

Why is that a big deal? In Fallout 76, players can massively loot. Especially when you ‘re in Appalachia for a longer time or bossing yourself like the new Sheepsquatch , the inventory is quickly full.

It can happen that identical weapons clog the inventory. Players tend to simply press “Break” again and again. It often happened in the past that even favorites were disassembled if they just slid in between.

On reddit, a corresponding thread has been able to quickly accumulate many upvotes. The fans are happy:

Whoa! Why is nobody talking about it ?! That are great news!

FritoZanzibar on reddit

No innocent victims to the junk gods!

Electr0ns on reddit

Some people notice that the legendary items often used by stronger players did not work anyway. For many, the change is cause for joy.

That’s what fans want now: So far the feature only applies to favorites. However, players wish that a confirmation also applies to other items such as:

  • objects created at the moment
  • individually named items

The problem is that armor can still be scrapped accidentally. Armor usually does not put anyone in the favorites bar. But some players have probably already accidentally destroyed their armor or armor.

What do you think of the change?

Many weapons themselves have already been shot to patch 7: