All Information About The Revelry Event – So Destiny 2 Celebrates The Spring

All information about the revelry event

All Information About The Revelry Event – So Destiny 2 Celebrates The Spring. Destiny 2 is bringing a brand new Spring Event this year. Now Bungie has revealed the first details of the new festivities. This awaits you as part of the funeral.

What is the funeral? This is a new event that Destiny 2 wants to welcome Spring. The tower throws itself in a festive robe of fresh spring colors.

As part of these new festivities, you’ll be able to contest a new activity and dust off new event-specific armor pieces as well as all sorts of cosmetics in a cool festive look.

The Revelation – You should know that for the Spring Festival

When exactly is the new event going? The Revelation starts with the Weekly Reset on April 16 at 19:00 clock and runs until 7 May.

This will be your point of contact during the event: Eva Levante returns to the tower as part of the spring festivities. She becomes your main contact during the funeral.

Who can join the party? All the owners of Destiny 2 can participate in the funeral service. Whether or which additional additional content you have bought does not matter.

What innovations await the guardians?

A new activity – The Grünforst: The festival has a new activity in its luggage. This is called Grünforst and is a modified and pampered version of the “Immerforst” – similar to the spooky forest at the Festival of the Lost , but with more twists and turns.

The goal is to get through as many rooms as possible. The more spaces you master, the more time you will have to stand up to the 5 bosses and bag the loot. 

Incidentally, you can tackle the Grünforst in a solid team, look for matchmakers with fellow combatants or even compete alone.

New Buffs: In the course of the Spring Festival, there will be a so-called Schwelgerian Elixir, which you will initially receive from Eva Levante. You can fill it with Teal Essence, which you get through boss kills in the green forest or when completing various activities.

There are a total of three different elixirs, which in principle embody three different buffs. They reduce the cooldown

  • the grenades
  • of melee
  • or class ability

You have to choose one of these buffs. The Event Armor (“Cheer Up” sets) or the new, thematically inspired Eververtum (“Spring Bloom”) armor boosts the buff effect the more set pieces you’ve created.

The buffs are active in all activities of the game (exception: private matches) – also in PvP. There one is so as Schwelger more dangerous than a regular guardian. How strong the buffs are, however, is currently unknown.

In addition, during Destiny 2, you can use Precision Kills to create spheres throughout Precipice, allowing you to recharge your Super and your abilities faster. In the green forest, they should appear the most common.

New Armor, Raids, Rewards: During the Indulgence, each of the three Guardian classes will be able to earn the Event-Specific Set of Armor “Rise of Indulgence”. To do this you must defeat bosses in the Greenforest activity. The more bosses you turn off in a single pass, the higher the chances of a drop.

In addition, Eva Levante offers 5 weekly raids, from which you can receive parts of the new armor as a mighty bonus.

Sublime essence, which you earn in various activities, you can exchange with Eve for packages with certain premiums. In it you will find, among other things, improvement cores, regular weapons and equipment and ornaments for the “prelude to the revelry” helmet.

By the way, every helmet ornament gets bigger as you put in more pieces of the new armor sets.

A new exotic weapon: In conclusion of triumphs, the second new weapon exotic of the Season 6 can be earned in exchange for the Tealess Essence at Eva – the kinetic fusion rifle Arbalest.

New Everversum Event Engrams and Rewards: As is customary for special events, there will be double gloss engram drops for all Guardians who have reached their maximum character level.

At each level-up, there will be a Gleam Engram and the new Glaring Engram. The knock-out system is active in the event-specific, glancing engrams. You will not receive any duplicates until you have all the new items from the event loot pool together.

The rewards from the event engrams were leaked a while ago. Here you can watch them: These bonuses will be in the spring event of Destiny 2

In addition, as part of the spring festivities, there will be new exclusive items for immediate purchase in the Eververse.

You can watch the trailer for the event here: