Atlas Heralds A Reboot With Mega Update – But Does He Save The MMO?

Atlas heralds a reboot with Mega Update

Atlas Heralds A Reboot With Mega Update – But Does He Save The MMO? The survival MMO Atlas gets a big update, which introduces new PvP and PvE modes and brings a test server. If you look at the current situation of the online game, the question arises whether the update can save the title.

What does the update bring with it? Update 1.5 introduced three new game modes with the associated realms :

  • PvP Colonies aimed at smaller groups
  • PvE
  • PvP Empires for large groups of players

In addition, a test server has been introduced, where players can try new features and changes before they are uploaded to the live servers. On the test server you play the mode PvP Colonies.

The update is connected to a wipe. Players must start over. In addition, the following comes into play:

  • The world of Atlas has been redesigned.
  • With “Deep Ocean Trench” a new area found its way into the game.
  • There is snow now as weather.
  • The system to claim territories has been changed. There is now an “invulnerability timer” that prevents the islands from being attacked when the owners are offline.
  • Players can now trade safely with each other.
  • New quests, items, bugfixes and balance optimizations.

The many changes should lead to an Atlas 1.5. A game that feels almost “new”.

Necessary changes in the big update

When will the update come? The big mega-update will be played today (11.04.) At 19 clock, the test server is already open. There, the changes can be tried in advance. The wipe is also at 19 o’clock.

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How do the players react to the changes? A wipe is never welcome, but unavoidable in an early-access game. And Atlas even craved a wipe . The new features of the update sound very interesting to many. Especially the new system for taking places is something the fans welcome.

soviman1 writes on Reddit: “The system works pretty well compared to the old one, which said: take the island after the owners go to sleep.”

Heavy criticism of Atlas – Is the MMO still to save?

What is the current status of Atlas? According to Steamcharts, the number of players has fallen dramatically since its launch in December 2018. At that time, around 59,000 players were online. Of these, around 3,800 have now been left.

The ratings of the game on Steam are 34 percent and thus “mostly negative”. Especially the many bugs and the performance are criticized. Cheaters are also a big problem and players feel that developers are just doing what they want and ignoring feedback.

Many had hoped for a pirate MMO and no ARK 2.0. But according to the opinion of some fans, Atlas is developing more and more in this direction. A big update with a quasi-restart is therefore urgently needed. The question is, can this really save the MMO?

Modernautomatic writes on Reddit: “The developers move away more and more from the ship battles . Then rename it to ARK 2 because it seems like all this is what the developers think. I just wanted the game to be good. ”

After the update today will show if it can provide a boost and better ratings of Atlas.