Borderlands 3 Reveals How The Controversial Deluxe Edition Boosters Work

Borderlands 3 reveals how the controversial

Borderlands 3 Reveals How The Controversial Deluxe Edition Boosters Work. Borderlands 3 offers Loot and XP boosters for buyers of special game versions. What it’s all about has now been clarified.

When Borderlands 3 was introduced a few weeks ago, fans immediately noticed a small detail. If you save one of the deluxe versions , you will get a few extra boosters. These increase the gained XP and the chance for good loot. That sparked discussions, but Gearbox has now clarified a few things.

This tells the publisher to the boosters:

 PCGamer has received a response from the publisher 2K, who has spoken on the two objects. We have translated the answer for you:

“Although Borderlands 3 is not a competitive game where boosters could lead to an advantage over other players, we take the balance of progress and loot system very seriously. We are still busy with the fine tuning of these systems and the advantages of the booster from the Deluxe, Super Deluxe and Collector’s Edition.

But we can already confirm that these boosters have a level cap and are tied to specific equipment, much like boosters in the past. The intent is to give the players a boost at the start, but nothing that runs through the whole game experience of Borderlands third is “

The boosters are therefore only limited benefits that are of no use in the endgame. Since Borderlands is only about “togetherness”, the impact is small anyway.

It was like this in earlier parts: Even in Borderlands 2, players were able to access special boosters. At that time there was no big outcry, but that was also because some of these boosters could be found in the game. Thus, this was only a short-term advantage, if you started with these boosters in the game.

What do you think of boosters as a reward for buying a special game version? Is that a nice incentive or does not a good game need something like that?

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