Cross, Header, Goal: That’s How Easy You Can Score In Fifa 19

Cross Header Goal: That's How Easy

Cross, Header, Goal: That’s How Easy You Can Score In Fifa 19. A guaranteed route to the goal does not exist in FIFA 19. But especially flanks are currently extremely strong – pro-gamer Proownez explains in the stream, how the ideal attack works.

Are flanks the new FIFA Meta? This is a question the FIFA community has been asking for a long time. One thing is for sure: Several patches have changed the game since release so far that flanks are definitely a very reliable option for the attack.

Especially two variants currently lead to more and more hits. How they work, said FIFA professional and YouTuber Proownez in the MAX stream :

The ideal flank situations

You should use these opportunities: In order to have a good chance of the Flankentor, the initial situation is decisive. In the video you see, among other things, how Proownez pulls after a counterattack with Mbappé on the right up to the edge of the box – this situation is ideal for a flank.

Strong attackers wished: If you have a strong left-leaning midfielder like Cristiano Ronaldo or Flashback-Ibrahimovic in mind, a goal is almost inevitable:

I chose my lineup just because of the flank meta, so Cristiano Ronaldo plays in the left attacking midfield. Then he always pulls from the far left outside into the penalty area, if I come from the right, and stands ready for head balls.


Headball monsters like Ronaldo barely give the full-back, who is assigned to them in such a situation, a chance.

Also Pro Marcel “DonChap28” German pointed out in an interview on the strength of the flanks in FIFA 19:

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Lift and El Tornado

This is how the Heber Flank works: “Every time I see Ronaldo sprint into the penalty area, I pick up the ball and play a L1 flank,” Proownez explains. For Xbox players, this would be the LB button: “This is a lifter flank that flies over the first post and lowers at the second post. That’s exactly what you want when the LOM sprints in full speed. That does not usually catch up with any full-back. ”

To start the ball in front of the flank, you just have to press the right stick once. Make sure you use a player with good skills and that you are using the right foot: “In this situation, I had Mbappé on the outside, a right foot. Had I had a left foot, I would have rather made the El Tornado to get the ball on the right foot. ”

This is how the El Tornado Flank works: The El Tornado Trick is only available to players with 5-Star Skills . Hold down the L1 / LB button, push the right stick in the direction of travel and then 90 degrees inwards. Now your player lays the ball out of the spin in the air. Now you just have to bring the flank to the

So you conclude with your head

Timing for Headballs: Of course you can just put the ball in the net with a normal headball. This variant works often enough. With a little practice, you can also use the Timed Finishing header and thus screw up your hit rate.

Begin with the header only, the shot key to press, if the player actually should jump. Be sure to estimate the impact of the deal well. The moment the ball is hit, you press the shot button again.

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Ideally you catch the ball perfectly and hammer it into the mesh. Advice from Proownez: “If you hit the ball too early, the conclusion will not come at all. So I make sure that I meet too late, if at all. ”

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