Data Miner Reveals: So There’s The Next New Weapon Exotic In Destiny 2

Data Miner Reveals: So There's The Next New

Data Miner Reveals: So There’s The Next New Weapon Exotic In Destiny 2. Numerous guardians are waiting anxiously for Destiny 2 to the second weapon exotic of the season 6 – the Arbalest. Now it is known where and how to get this gun.

To this weapon it works:

 The Arbalest is the first kinetic linear fusion gun in Destiny 2. After handgun Dorn is the second and final exotic weapon under 6 Season finds its way into the game.

The Arbalest fires missiles that inflict massive damage on enemy Elemental shields (although the weapon is kinetic). In addition, when the Arbalest destroys its Elemental Shield, enemies become vulnerable to kinetic damage for a short time.

So you get the Arbalest in Destiny 2

At this event, you can secure the weapon: Fans had long speculated how to get the weapon will. Because official information did not exist. Some thought she was hiding behind a time lock. Bungie could save her up for idling after the spring event until the beginning of next season.

Others thought they might come into play as part of the revelry event. And exactly this theory has now come true. As the studio announced, you can earn the Arbalest over the upcoming Spring Festival at Destiny 2. The so-called Revelry starts on 16 April and runs until 7 May.

You have to do exactly that for the weapon:

Bungie himself has revealed relatively little. So it said that one could get the new Exotic by the conclusion of triumphs and in exchange for Schwelgerian essence with Eva Levante, the contact person of the spring event.

A data miner has drilled deeper into the game data and discovered more details:

  • The weapon apparently not tied to a quest, but can purchase directly from Eva
  • The weapon costs 300 units of a hitherto secret currency. However, it quite likely that this the turgid essence mentioned by Bungie.
  • The essence can be won according to the game data from daily event raiding, which also obtained from Eva
  • Most of these daily event bounties grant 25 units of the classified currency (probably Tuscan Essence)
  • So you have to successfully complete 12 daily raids from Eve to afford you the weapon
  • Entries about possibly additionally required triumphs did not find the Data Miner

Since the event runs for three weeks, it should be possible for most players easily to earn the required amount of Schwelgischer Essence.

Because the essence can be won according to Bungies also by boss kills in the new event activity Grünforst and other activities. The Arbalest will obviously not demand too much effort from the guards.

Are you looking forward to this new weapon exotic? And what do you think of the upcoming spring event “The Indulgence”?

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