Elite Dangerous Is Now So Easy, Everyone Can Get Started.

Elite Dangerous Is Now So Easy

Elite Dangerous Is Now So Easy, Everyone Can Get Started For Elite Dangerous a huge update has been announced for this month, which should make it easier for beginners in particular. We’ll show you what’s waiting for you.

What will be easier? In the announced update Elite Dangerous gets a beginner zone. There, every newcomer can first learn the basics of the game, before he goes into the vastness of space.

There are two new features that make your spaceship fly better. So you can consolidate the basics there before you meet much better players.

That’s in the upcoming update

When will the update come? Frontier Developments announced the update for April 23rd. At the latest then beginners should plunge again on Elite Dangerous.

This is the beginner zone: This zone is for all players who do not yet have combat, trading or exploration rank. You can only leave this zone if you are already experienced in the game.

Simple missions are offered in this zone to help you understand the basics of Elite Dangerous. So the developers say that these missions can really exist every beginner.

This should make it much easier for many interested parties to get started. Because at the beginning it is difficult for many players to keep track and find their way around the numerous possibilities of the sandbox universe.

This will make flying easier:

The docking computer gets a basic update. So beginners will not only be able to dock at space stations, but also be able to fly from there automatically.

Landing and launching the spaceship at a space station requires a lot of tact and can initially overwhelm new pilots. This will take you off the docking computer then first.

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In addition to the improvements on the docking computer, a supercruise assistant is also introduced. This assistant will help you fly with the Supercruise. As a result, as a beginner, you can concentrate on other things and do not have to get used to the complex flight method right at the beginning.

This is for experienced players: The new update is not only to make the entry easier, but also brings some new things for experienced players .

So the developers announced several in-game events, which will run for about a month. The development in the context of this event will eventually affect the entire galaxy.

There will also be various bug fixes and tips on the loading screen.

For 2020, Elite Dangerous has also announced major updates:

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