Fifa 19: That’s Why You Should Now Sell Champions League Tickets Before It’s Too Late

Fifa 19: That's Why You Should Now Sell Champions

Fifa 19: That’s Why You Should Now Sell Champions League Tickets Before It’s Too Late. In FIFA 19 , EA has released the UCL Premium Upgrade SBC. For this Champions League cards are needed, which makes their prices rise extremely.

The new UCL Premium Upgrade SBC lures with really strong rewards. The condition is that you give away a whole team of Champions League cards. But although real cracker are actually possible as a reward, the SBC hardly worth it. Because the probability to get one of the coveted special cards is very low.

Many players report a lot of bad luck and a very poor yield. The frustration of FUT players is best tracked on reddit.

These are the rewards: Among the rewards are really strong cards, including: Messi (98), Suarez (94), Aguero (93), Griezmann (92), Neymar (95) and many more.

But there are some cards that you would rather not pull. For example: Philipp (84), Pulisic (84), Fekir (86), Ferryman (86), Nacho (87), Luis (88). Here, the value of the cards is well below the investment, and selling is unfortunately not possible.

Basically you can get players from the following categories:

  • UEFA Champions League MOTM (Man of the Match)
  • Road to the Final (Dynamic Objects)
  • Team of the Tournament Player
All possible rewards

Better to sell

How to make your profit: Since many FUT players want to try their luck with the SBC, now is the perfect time to sell your own Champions League cards.

Many cards that were barely worth a few days ago now cost a lot. So look through your club and think about which cards you can sell.

Consider also that in a few days the SBC is over. Then you can find the cards sold again cheap on the transfer market.

This is how the SBC works

These steps are necessary: In this SBC, only a team consisting of Champions League cards must be submitted.

The costs are currently around 100,000 coins on all platforms.

  • Rare & Non-Rare CL Cards: 11
  • Team Rating: 83
  • Team Chemistry: 70
  • Number of players: 11

This is how the solution might look like:

Cost: PS4 94,000 – Xbox 106,000 – PC 116,000

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