Fortnite: Location Of The Secret Star From Week 7 In Season 8

Fortnite: Location Of The Secret Star From

Fortnite: Location Of The Secret Star From Week 7 In Season 8.In week 7 of Season 8, Fortnite once again hid a secret star for you. We’ll show you the exact location so you can complete the task quickly.

What is this star? You get this star to complete the weekly challenges. So you have to solve all challenges before, so you can find the star.

Here you can find the secret star from week 7 (S8)

Where do I have to search? When you have completed all the tasks of the week, you will get a new loading screen. This always tells you the approximate right, in which you have to search.

This week the screen looks like this:

Where is the hint? In the upper left corner you can see a drawing on the wall. It shows the wooden rabbit, which you will find at the western edge of the map. That’s where the secret star hides.

Here you can see the hidden hint

Where is the wooden rabbit? To find the star you have to search north of Snobby Shores. There stands on an increase the huge hare made of wood.

The drawing on the loading screen shows that the hare carries the star on his back. So you have to climb on top of it, so you can collect the star.

Video tutorial: So that you can not overlook the hare and the star, we will enclose a video for you about the exact location. If you follow this guide, nothing should go wrong.

You should pay attention to this: the wooden rabbit will certainly be a popular spot for campers this week. So you should be careful if you look over there, so you will not get caught.

What do I have to solve for tasks? The tasks seem to be pretty easy to solve this week. So you have to visit among other things pirate camp on the entire map .