Fortnite: So You Visit 3 Pirate Camps In A Match For New Challenge

Fortnite: So You Visit 3 Pirate

Fortnite: So You Visit 3 Pirate Camps In A Match For New Challenge. In week 7 of Season 8 at Fortnite, you should visit 3 pirate camps in a single match. We show you the fastest route for this.

What is this task? During a season, Fortnite brings new tasks to players at regular intervals. In the seventh week of Season 8 you should now visit the new pirate camps. But not just distributed on a few matches, but 3 camps in a match.

There are 7 camps distributed on the map. You can find them at Lazy Lagoon, Loot Lake and other designated locations on the map. Where is the fastest, reveals our guide.

How to solve the task: It is important that you visit the camps within a match. If you are eliminated or caught by the storm before you have visited 3, the progress for the next game is reset.

Time plays an important role. Therefore, to solve the problem quickly, you should choose 3 pirate camps, which are close to each other.

The order does not matter at all and depends on how the bus flies over the battlefield. These 3 camps are close to each other and you can reach them on foot or with vehicles quickly.

What do the bearings look like? Pirate’s Camp recognizes that there are pirate flags blowing and cannons. We have already visited the 3 camps for you and include them here by screenshot.

All other tasks of Week 7 in Season 8 can be found in this overview. You should distribute damage from zip lines or shoot enemies from above:

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