Gaming Teams Go On Match After Match Live Because Handshake Failed

Gaming Teams Go On Match After Match

Gaming Teams Go On Match After Match Live Because Handshake Failed. In a game of the eSport League of the NBA, it came after the game to a wild shuffle, just because a handshake failed. The viewers on Twitch were there live.

That was the situation: Twitch was streamed live as the Hawks Talon competed against the Celtics Crossover in the NBA eSports League.

The basketball match on the console was already over and the players wanted to shake hands at the end again, but this went hard in the pants.

One of the Celtics refused the handshake with his opponent, so they shrugged. Thereafter, the Celtic player burned the fuses completely and pushed his opponent.

Watch the video of the argument here

Spectators were there live: For the audience, the whole thing was very entertaining, because the stream continues to live on Twitch, which thousands of fans could watch it

How did the fight go? After the Celtic player had pushed his opponent, officials immediately intervened and calmed down the situation. After some niceties were exchanged, the scene was not shown in the stream anymore.

Instead, only an overview of all current teams in the eSport league was displayed on Twitch. Loud music then drowned out the screams of the angry players.

What was the trigger? Why this situation escalated you do not know. One can assume, however, that the Celtic player was angry about the defeat of his team and then released this frustration on his opponent.

On Twitter or other portals, the players did not speak up. The situation seems to be kept silent.

This is the eSport league: In the US, this eSport league is one of the largest in the country. Each game is broadcast on Twitch and thrills thousands of fans. They play the current NBA 2k game there.

Each team has a real NBA basketball team behind them. So it was in this case, the teams of the Bosten Celtics and the Atlanda Hawks.

Have you heard of this crazy eSport league?