In The Division 2, It’s Incredibly Easy To Override The Item-level Grind To 500

In The Division 2 It's Incredibly Easy To

In The Division 2, It’s Incredibly Easy To Override The Item-level Grind To 500. The Division 2 makes it pretty easy to get a higher gear score in the endgame. It’s almost too easy to override the system to reach Item-Level 500, as our author Tarek finds.

When we talked about The Division 2, my editor-in-chief Schuhmann and I noticed one thing: getting up in the Gear Score is pretty easy. Almost too easy.

What should actually be endgame content for many hours can easily be bypassed and undermined by friends and other tricks. I’ll explain what I mean by that.

Theoretically, the endgame offers a lot to do

To explain that, I’ll have to briefly explain the world-ranking system.

  • Once you reach level 30, only the Gear Score is important. It indicates how strong your equipment values ​​are.
  • The Gear Score of each piece of equipment is used to calculate your overall Gear score.
  • Add to that the 5 world-rankings that are linked to it.
  • At every world rank, you’ll need to complete activities such as the site invasions and infiltrated bases to ascend.
  • The bases require a minimum gear score.
  • You have to farm equipment within each rank, add about 50 gear points, and complete the missions to the next base.

So in theory, every world class has a lot to do, until you move on to the next world rank and have to farm again. There is a catch though.

The minimum gear score is pretty easy to undo

I myself have completed the world rank as normal. Each grade I geared again Gear, and then rise again after a few hours to the next rank.

When it came time to pull my friends through the world, I noticed how easy it is to bypass the system.

Because even if you bring someone lower in world ranking 1, you will already get tons of loot at the maximum gear score of this world rank (300). The associated base only needs 275.

After a mission, you have a number of items that you can easily share and after a maximum of 30 minutes, the friend is already at the required Gear Score. He then no longer needs equipment on the world stage, but only the necessary missions.

So you just drop your own gear that you do not need. The friend then picks it up. The equipment is much stronger than what would actually drop for him.

This already overrides the system.

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But this is even easier: Our reader Pave has sent us a video, simply by shopping with his World Rank 1 character at his buddy on world rank 5 shopping.

Within a short time, his Gear Score jumps from the mid-200s to 400+. You can watch his video here:

Shoemaker also told me how he ran his first world-ranked 5 mission with Randoms on the Challenging Difficulty and then climbed from 450 to 495.

Simply because the players had a higher gear score and shared everything with him that they did not need.

There are probably quite a few other ways to easily get the gear score cap in minutes.

Massive should commit to one direction

Is that bad or good? For myself, I have not found a clear opinion here.

  • On the one hand, everyone can play the game the way they want. You can tackle the endgame in a conventional way and comfortably play from world rank 1-5.
  • On the other hand, I find it strange that developer Massive has built no limits or limitations here.
  • Solo players are also at a significant disadvantage, as they can not use all those tricks to increase the Gear score faster

In games like Destiny 2, the developer Bungie is much more careful not to get carried away.

If Massive wants to have such a linear grind for The Division 2, they should come up with restrictions.

For example, you could tie the sharing of equipment to the world rank the player has achieved. So stop sharing between a World Rank 5 player and a World Rank 1 player.

That would be at least a possibility.

But if this freedom is exactly what you want, you should think about revising the world ranking system. Currently, the bases feel unnecessary as a condition for the rise.

The question arises to me: why were the world’s ranks built in at all? Up to the highest rank in the world, optimizing your equipment is unnecessary, because you’ll find better ones anyway.

The site invasions and bases would have each player played without the world rank. A chronological order, as in the main campaign, would be quite sufficient. After all, the missions for the Black Tusk are also meant as a second campaign .

I’m curious if Massive will make any changes there in the future.

Maybe it changes after all to a system, as Schuhmann imagined at the beginning:

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