It’s Just Quiet Around Anthem – What’s Next?

It's Just Quiet

It’s Just Quiet Around Anthem – What’s Next?. What about Anthem? The players are waiting for the next livestream and the first pictures for the next update. BioWare is currently covered. You’re hoping for a more streamed live stream, but not until next week.

What are the players waiting for?

 Livestreams for Anthem have taken place in regular intervals in the past. In it, the team presented gameplay elements or new features that were being worked on at the time. The streams took place both before and after the launch of Anthem.

The last stream was supposed to be exactly one week ago, on April 4th. But it has been postponed because the team is currently working on the big April update.

According to the community manager, the developers just wanted to show something, as he told Reddit.

The announcement of the next stream and the upcoming update, the players wait but now in vain. BioWare wants to get in touch next week.

Why is it quiet about the game?

 Following the launch of Anthem, BioWare’s information policy has changed. While developers often used Reddit and social media to answer fans’ questions before the game started, Anthem’s release was less.

On Metacritic Anthem arrived rather mediocre . After the release, the players also complained about bugs and problems, such as crashes on the PS4 .

The community manager also said that the mood in the community was sometimes better, so that the developers also had more desire to discuss with the players. Respectful and constructive feedback would rather be answered by the team .

A week ago, the insider report on the development of Anthem by journalist Jason Schreier caused a stir. Since then, the developers hold back even more with comments.

What do the players say? In the Anthem Subreddit appear in recent days repeatedly posts with the question of when the next stream takes place.

Likewise, players wonder when the next content update will come. Community manager Jesse Anderson said they are targeting the second half of April for the new content.

What you plan for Anthem in April, you can read in our article about the Roadmap .

Some players want regular updates from the developers and draw comparisons to The Division 2 or Destiny 2. The Division has its regular state of the game and Bungie keeps Destiny fans up to date with the “This Week at Bungie” blogs , Something like that is also desired for Anthem.

When does it continue? After the stream went out last week, it seems to stay calm this week.

The next stream could then appear in the next week. The Community Manager states that you still have to tie down some details.

Recently, the ex-chief of Anthem has announced the difficult launch: