Launch Of Remnant: From The Ashes Is Fixed – This Is In The Coop Shooter

Launch Of Remnant: From The Ashes

Launch Of Remnant: From The Ashes Is Fixed – This Is In The Coop Shooter. Perfect World and the developer studio Gunfire Games have named the release date of the co-op shooter Remnant: From the Ashes . Already in summer it starts.

What is Remnant: From the Ashes? The co-op shooter, announced in the summer of 2018, lets you explore a post-apocalyptic earth and other worlds together with two friends. So you should come behind the secret of the seed called interdimensional beings that have devastated the earth. During the journey, you fight countless enemies in fast shooter battles.

  • Every Game Is Different – In the random worlds, as you travel through the Dimensions, you encounter ever new enemies. It’s important to find out how to turn off more than 100 monster species. Especially with the 20 bosses you have to act tactically.
  • Story is the focus – you need to find out what the invasion of the seed is and find a way to save humanity. There are many surprises waiting for you.
  • Crafting – During the adventures you collect resources and save traders. The traders will then help you to make better weapons and equipment from the raw materials. So you get better with time.
  • Teamplay – Together you will explore four worlds and fight the numerous opponents. In the team you have better chances to take on the increasingly dangerous enemies.

A shooter for fans of cooperative action

When will the shooter come? Remnant: From The Ashes will be released on August 20th for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

What is special about the game? The Coop shooter offers a number of special features that make for interesting gameplay according to our review report :

  • You only play in threes. This allows you to focus on the story and use teamplay.
  • You choose your hero based on character classes as in a MMORPG. Each class has advantages and disadvantages.
  • You do not improve your hero by skills, but by making and modifying better equipment.
  • The worlds are randomized. That is, each game is different, which increases the replay value.
  • About the Worldstone you decide, if you want to visit the four worlds alone or join your friends.
  • PvP is at least not planned yet. The focus is on Coop-Action.

On the 20th of August we will see Remnant: From the Ashes playing.

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