PlayStation 4: So Now You Can Finally Change Your Name In PSN

PlayStation 4: So Now You Can Finally Change

PlayStation 4: So Now You Can Finally Change Your Name In PSN. Since April 11, it’s possible to change your PSN ID. We will show you with a guide on how the name change works.

What’s new now? If you want, you can now change your display name for the PlayStation Network. This is possible via the PS4 itself or in the web browser.

Such a function players longed for a long time. Many now simply like to have a different online name because they can use it on other platforms, can no longer identify with the old name or simply want a change.

A beta phase has already been running in recent months , and now the program is activated for everyone.

How expensive is the change? If you change the online ID for the first time, it’s free. Each further change costs € 9.99. PS Plus members pay € 4.99 for each additional one after the first change.

If you change back to an old ID, it’s free. This is always yours. After a change, no one else can use your old name.

You can change your IDs as often as you like.

Advantages of PS-Plus: If you decide for a PS-Plus membership, these games are also available for free in April:

How to find your friends again: You have the option to display your old ID next to the new one up to 30 days after the change. This makes it easier for friends to remember the change.

Change PSN name to PS4 – Online ID

  • Selects “Settings” in the PS4 menu
  • Now select “Account Management” and then “Account Information”, “Profile” and “Online ID”
  •   ”    enter an online ID or select one of the suggested names
  • Now follow the instructions of the menu to complete the change
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Note: You can not make this change on the PS3 or PS-Vita. Only on the PS4.

Change PSN name in browser – Online ID

  • First, go to the page for your account on the PlayStation Network (here on )
  • Next to your ID you will find the “Edit” button – select it
  • Now enter your desired online ID or select one of the suggestions
  • Now follow the instructions of the menu to complete the change

Which games support name changes on the PS4?

Sony explains that most of the most popular PS4 games support this name change. But the game must have been released on or after April 1, 2018. For older games that does not work without problems.

Sony has released a list of tested games that support the name change. But there are also some that have serious problems. Sony warns of a name change in these PS4 games.

Will you change your online ID? And if so, why?

With your new name you can then start immediately in these MMORPGs. Because they are especially popular right now:

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