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kémon Go: Community Day In April

Pokémon Go: Community Day In April With Child Worm – All Info. This Saturday, the 13th of April, the Community Day will be running in April with children’s worms in Pokémon GO. We’ll give you info about start time, bonuses and shinys to help you get the most out of it.

What are community days? Once a month the Community Day runs in Pokémon GO. There a special Pokémon appears for 3 hours more, there are special bonuses as well as the Shiny form of the monster.

April 2019 is about the Dragon Pokémon Kidworm . His evolution Brutalanda is one of the strongest Pokémon in the game.

Community Day in March – Accurate times and bonuses

What: The Pokémon GO Community Day April 2019
When:  Saturday, April 13, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm German Time
Pokémon of the Day:  Kidworm
Exclusive Attack:  Tantrum (Brutalanda Only)
Bonus:  Triple XP Experience Catching Pokémon
Bonus:  3-Hour Lock Modules
Another bonus:  Brutalanda can be developed until 7pm to learn the exclusive Tantrum attack

This is important in the times: Since the Community Day with Geckarbor there are new event times. Community Day is now running until 3 pm and not 11 pm.

Shiny Kidworm, Draschel and Brutalanda

This is known about Shiny Kidworm: Niantic never announces in advance a shiny form of Event Pokémon. So far, however, there has always been the Shiny Form to catch, so you can assume that Kidworm will also be catching Shiny.

Is Brutalanda worth the tantrum?

How does Brutalanda learn this attack? Brutalanda can only learn the tantrum attack through development. It is important that you develop a Draschel on the event day between 15 o’clock and 19 o’clock. Only then does it learn the attack. You can not teach tantrums with TMs.

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Brutalanda is so rewarding with Tantrum: The attack greatly improves Brutalanda . It thereby becomes one of the best dragon attackers in the game. Only Rayquaza is in front of Brutalanda. It is well worth it to get this attack.

Watch out for Kidworm with this WP – 100% IV

This weather is good for child worm: child worm is a dragon Pokémon, which is why it benefits from weather bonus in windy weather.

This WP reaches child worms in the wild: Without weather bonus, child worm can reach a maximum of 991 WP. When it’s windy, Kidworm even reaches a maximum of 1073 WP in the wild. You have to pay attention to this HP. Source: Reddit

You can enter the list below into your search bar in the game. It then shows you potential 100% IV child worm. At a different level, however, this can not be 100% IV.

371 & wp16, WP51, wp86, wp121, wp155, wp190, wp225, wp260, wp295, wp330, wp363, wp396, wp429, wp462, wp495, wp528, wp561, wp594, wp627, wp660, wp693, wp726, wp759, wp793, wp826, wp859, wp892, wp925, wp958, wp991, wp1007, wp1024, wp1040, wp1057, wp1073

Use these items on Community Day

  • Lucky eggs – 6 pieces
    • The bonus on this Community Day brings you triple XP. Use this with the lucky egg, so you get six times XP. Have 6 pieces, as an egg will last 30 minutes.
Lucky eggs are the most useful on this Community Day
  • Lock modules – 3 pieces or more
    • Since the lock modules last for 3 hours, you should also fire some of them. So you attract more kidworm and have better chances on Shiny’s.
  • Smoke – 6 pieces
    • With smoke you can attract more Pokémon. So if you want to catch a lot of child worms, you should set fire to smoke. Just like the lucky eggs, smoke lasts for 30 minutes.
Smoke pays off on Community Day
  • Star piece – 6 pieces
    • If you catch a lot of Pokémon, then it’s always worth a star piece. This will give you 1.5x that much stardust. Have 6 pieces ready, because the item also lasts only 30 minutes.
  • Balls – 200 pieces and more
    • Of course, to get enough Pokémon, you also need balls. At least 200 pieces should you have ready, because you will use more balls than you will generate.
  • GO Plus
    • With this gadget you can catch Pokémon and turn PokéStops by pressing a button. So if you want to play a little quieter, the GO Plus will help you
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