Soon The New Patch 2.1 Will Be Released For The Division 2 – What Will Change The Update

Soon The New Patch 2.1 Will Be Released

Soon The New Patch 2.1 Will Be Released For The Division 2 – What Will Change The Update. Developer Massive has announced the next update for The Division 2. These are the changes from patch 2.1.

When will Patch 2.1 come? The update comes already next week, an exact date Massive has not yet called.

What changes? The patch mainly contains bug fixes. Massive also talked about other changes that are planned for the future.

Patch 2.1 fixes the workbench and revive skill

These bugs are fixed:

  • The workbench should now be upgraded to world rank 5
  • The Resurrect skill should now work properly
  • Characters should no longer get stuck in certain places. If it does happen, you should report it to Ubisoft.
  • The 2-set bonus of the true patriot should now work properly. So far the armor damage in PvE was useless .

For the time being, these are all fixed changes that are included in patch 2.1.

Already today, on 11.4. There was a maintenance with some fixes .

But Massive also commented on a few other topics that are currently occupying the community:

About the criticism of skill builds and skill level: With a later update, blue blueprints for skill mods should become available. In addition, the effects of the mods are to be strengthened in order to justify the investment in skills and to make skills more powerful.

About the problem that health and armor currently have little impact: you know that these values ​​are currently not so good.

This is a complicated problem and requires some work. But you want to improve it in the future and strengthen defensive rolls.

It also plans to adapt to the talents, also you want to adjust the time-to-kill of the players at higher levels of difficulty.

In conjunction with the defensive rolls and improved skill mods, one hopes to make both styles of play so attractive.

Further planning for future updates:

  • You know that NPC Henry Haves is not available to some players. The problem is still being worked on.
  • A fix for the animation bug related to the dead poses of dead NPCs is in the works
  • Drops lower than your Gear Score are so intentional. But look at the feedback from the fans.
  • Feedback on too-weak gear sets has arrived but no hasty changes. You want to give the players time to experiment and then act.
  • The criticism of the exotic weapons has also arrived at the developers. You want to collect more feedback.
  • The too aggressive AI has top priority, but is unlikely to be fixed with patch 2.1
  • Generally you will work on the PTS on the difficulty level and test several balance changes, especially NPC enemies on higher levels of difficulty you have in your sights.
  • The PvP balance is also an issue that will be tested on the PTS
  • Blueprints will soon be available across character

The opinion and the patch notes can be found in the official forum of The Division 2. Again, these are scheduled changes and are not part of the patch 2.1.

What do you think of the announcements?

Stay Tuned For More Updates

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