That’s Why The Division 2 Pays For Low Equipment Mods

That's Why The Division 2 Pays

That’s Why The Division 2 Pays For Low Equipment Mods. In The Division 2 are currently farming many low-level mods. But why should you collect low-level equipment? That is the reason.

What are equipment mods? These are items that can be created on the armor parts. These have different values ​​such as additional weapon damage or simply armor.

Mods are a great way to optimize builds and improve values ​​to the max.

Which mods are you? Some players now focus on low-level blue and purple mods in their quest for gear mods. But why? That is related to their values.

Blue and purple mods can be quite useful

That’s why it pays off to farm low-level mods: Even in the level range 15+, some players are currently farming the blue and purple mods.

Many have specially created a second character for it. Because the mods can have values ​​like specific weapon damage at 5% and more.

This surpasses even the mods in the high level range, which usually have only 1-4%.

With several of these low-mods you can increase the weapon damage for the desired weapon properly, if you have the right mod-slots for it.

Meanwhile, some players report in the subreddit of The Division 2 , where this screenshot was posted:

How can I get the mods on my high-level char? Just put them in your camp, you can then bring them out with the other character and create.

Will Massive change that? The developer has the whole now on the screen and listen to the feedback of the fans to. That’s what they announced in the State of the Game on 10/4.

Maybe this will be fixed in the next update. When that comes is unknown.

This video shows how you can get up to + 40% weapon damage with the mods:

What do the players say? In the Reddit post, the reactions are rather negative. Many find it annoying that you need a low-level character to get the mods with the highest damage bonuses.

Actually, these numbers should only be possible at the 30th level. But most are optimistic that this will change soon as Massive has already responded.

The next update should also fix this problem:

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