The Division 2 Fixes 8 Problems In The New Update – Here Are The Patch Notes

The Division 2 Fixes 8 Problems In

The Division 2 Fixes 8 Problems In The New Update – Here Are The Patch Notes. In The Division 2 , a new update was added during maintenance today. These 8 issues have now been resolved. We look at the patch notes.

This happened during the maintenance: During server maintenance on 11.4. between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm a server-side patch was installed.

So this is a patch that works without a download for you.

This patch addresses some known issues, such as the rare drop in individual weapon ammunition. These are the patch notes.

8 Changes that were fixed with the maintenance

These issues have been resolved:

  • The fast trip to the castle settlement is available again, you can now control the castle again directly.
  • Fixed an issue with bounty bosses that could use an abnormal amount of skills.
  • Some players could not pick up the materials for the Nemesis Exotic . This has been fixed.
  • Fixed delta errors that could occur during conflict matches.
  • The GPS of the map should now work normally. In some cases, the navigation system suggested strange, exaggerated detours.
  • Fixed a sound bug that could occur when a project was completed.
  • Fix a bug related to the timer countdown timers. (This may be about the clan containers, it’s not clear from the patch notes.)
  • The annoying problem with the rare dropping ammo for your individual weapons has been fixed.

You can also read the changes in subdivision of The Division 2 .

What’s next? Before the raid update on April 25, the test servers will come back .

Even before that there should already be a real patch dedicated to further errors and problems. This is the title update 2.1.

This error should also be corrected with Title Update 2.1:

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