The Overwatch Event Brings New Skins For Junkrat And Baptiste

The Overwatch Event Brings New Skins

The Overwatch Event Brings New Skins For Junkrat And Baptiste. Two fresh skins are waiting in Overwatch’s “storm” event. Fans of Junkrat and Baptiste should keep their eyes open.

On April 16th, the “Archives” will take place in Overwatch again. In this recurring event, there is always a different story mission from Overwatch’s past. In 2019, this is called “Sturmzeichen” and is about a special mission led by Tracer.

Like every year, there are also some new skins, which are announced by the developers in advance. The first two of them, for Junkrat and Baptiste, have now been revealed.

Baptiste as a Talon Soldier: 

Baptiste has a history with Talon and has been on the wrong track during his life as a mercenary. Later, however, he got the curve and improved his life. However, his new skin comes from his time at Talon, which was already presented on Twitter. It gives him the typical white-and-red livery of the Talon, units, and some optical adjustments to the armor.

Junkrat as a clown: Junkrat is generally a bit crazy and crazy. He likes to let out “his inner clown” when it comes to explosions. Therefore, a make-up skin and the clothes of a clown is just right for him

How are the skins? As usual, the skins will be included in the special loot boxes, which you can only buy or buy during the archive event. Fans have from April 16 so three weeks time (until 6 May) to earn the new skins. If you have accumulated a lot of credits, you can buy the skins instead for credits.

Are you looking forward to the Archives-Event and the PvE-Mission? Or would you rather see more and new PvP content?

So you stay informed: More information about Overwatch you can always find hot on our Overwatch-Themenseite .

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