Why More Than 60 Fps Makes Sense, You Will Learn In Our Livestream At The Rog Convention 2019

Why More Than 60 Fps Makes Sense

Why More Than 60 Fps Makes Sense, You Will Learn In Our Livestream At The Rog Convention 2019. On April 12, the MAX live stream will run for the ASUS ROG Convention 2019 from the Duisburg power station. The program has many interesting topics for hardware gamers.

What is this convention? On Friday, the 12th of April, the ROG Convention 2019 will start from ASUS. It’s all about hardware. You can gamble on strong gaming stations. On the stage you can expect a lot of entertainment.

MyMMO shows everything you need to know about FPS, Hz and graphics settings

What is myMMO streaming? If you are not there, you have the chance to follow the program via livestream.

At 17:30 clock starts the great graphics card tutorial “quick and fluent”. Jerky games and FPS lags are agony for gamers. Here you can expand your knowledge.

Dawid talks to experts in the stream

  • The differences of 60 Hz and 144 Hz
  • What role do the FPS play in relation to Hz?
  • G-Sync and FreeSync – When does it make sense, which problems are solved?

There are also buying aids for new monitors or graphics cards.

Your questions in the stream: During the stream, your questions from the chat will also be answered. Maybe you want to know something about G-Sync and FreeSync or have other questions about FPS values.

If you want to know more about it, you have to be in the stream at 5:30 pm. But even beyond this show, you can expect strong entertainment.

The program of the MAX stream of the ROG Convention

What’s going on in the stream during the day? At noon, around 14:00, the warmup starts in the MAX stream. You reach it as usual via Twitch.

So you do not miss the spectacle, just follow the stream and turn on the notifications. Then you will receive an e-mail or mobile notification if the stream is live.

For the hardware enthusiasts there is an interesting Casemodding program at 15:00, which deals with optics and noise.

At 18:30 clock shows in a screw dueling, who faster a computer can completely assemble.

The entire MAX program for the ROG Convention 2019 can be found here:

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