WoW: This Forgotten Feature Will Finally Become Relevant Again After 12 Years

WoW: This Forgotten Feature Will Finally

WoW: This Forgotten Feature Will Finally Become Relevant Again After 12 Years. With patch 8.2 there is an update in World of Warcraft, which might conjure up a nostalgic teardrop to many a fan. The Alterac Valley gets back a “Classic” moment.

Although the exact contents of World of Warcraft patch 8.2 are only vaguely known, Blizzard has already released some details. Especially fans of classic PvP in Alterac Valley should be happy. Because it looks like Ivus the Woodlord and Lokholar the Ice Lord are celebrating a comeback.

Who are Ivus and Lokholar?

 In WoW’s Alterac Valley, players can plunder lots of items from their enemies. These are armor scraps and badges, but also the blood of enemies or storm crystals. These can each be submitted in the own base. If enough players are involved, then your own shaman (Horde) or druid (Alliance) moves out to summon an incantation.

When the players participate in the Summon, the respective boss (Ivus or Lokholar) appears and supports the faction in combat. The bosses are quite powerful and just plow through most enemies.

New interface makes it visible: With Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara, there is a new interface element that shows the progress of these two incantations and collecting the items. This allows players to quickly see how many items are still needed and whether they want to participate.

Only Vetaranen know the two still: In the present time only few players know Ivus and Lokholar. Over the years, they became less important. Players who have never started The Burning Crusade or later have probably never met them. That should change soon. Because a new interface element ensures attention and will certainly cause one or the other player to want to unleash Ivus or Lokholar again.

Lokholar is likely to bring death and ruin back to the Alliance soon.

Other changes to the Epic Battlegrounds

Aside from the changes to Ivus and Lokholar, Blizzard is also making further adjustments to the big battlefields. The following are planned by the developers:

  • Alterac Valley: The NPCs in this zone become stronger against players with a high item level. They want to turn the NPC guards into a threat again.
  • Island of Conquest: The destructible walls get 30% more Health. This is to counteract an earlier change.
  • Wintergrasp Battle: Damage from the catapult’s Flame Breath is reduced. You want the Flame Breath to feel powerful, but currently it is too strong.

What do you think of the changes? Are you looking forward to seeing Ivus and Lokholar again?

Stay Tuned For More Updates

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