After Criticism: Thus Over Destiny 2 Controversial Plans For Improvement Cores

After Criticism: Thus Over Destiny 2 Controversial

After Criticism: Thus Over Destiny 2 Controversial Plans For Improvement Cores For Season 7 Destiny 2 wants to make the coveted improvement kernels more accessible. Recently, you presented how. But the plans received much criticism from the fans and now adapted.

To make this change it’s done originally:

For the Season 7 Bungie has big plans in Destiny 2. Among other things, the studio has it tackled a sensitive and controversial issue – the improvement of seeds and infusing.

Among other things, they wanted to ensure that no guardian would suffer from a lack of improvement cores – a condition that has been plagued by numerous guardians for quite some time.

The plans were to create an additional safe source for these coveted cores . In the next season, therefore, new forays should be included in Waffenmeister, which reward players with guaranteed cores. For this, the previous scrap collector forays should be omitted.

This is what the new plan says:

But these plans did not go down well with many fans and were in some cases heavily criticized. The changes are not good enough, would shift the problem or even worsen the situation , some players.

That’s why Bungie has adjusted the original idea for Season 7 as follows:

  • Actually, the new bounties should be available at the weapons master against weapons materials. Now you should be able to buy them with mica instead.
  • There will be several daily bounties at the armorer. Each of them will reward the Guardians with a guaranteed enhancement core and two mod components.
  • There will also be two weekly forays. These should each reward players with a Guaranteed Enhancement Core, a Mod (for weapon or armor), and other materials or Call / Rank scores.
  • The points include, for example, nonsense or valor points. However, there will be no glory points for the competitive playlist.

What does that mean for the players? 

Since the new bounties will be available against mica, they are in principle “free”. You do not have to spend any more weapons – one of the biggest drawbacks to the original plan – and can use that resource for mod components or call upgrades and packages with the weapons master.

In addition, it should now be possible for virtually every player to earn enough cores targeted. Assuming several daily bounties at the armorer and adding the weekly forays and other sources such as Spider added, so it should be no kernel deficiency with this system – even if the scrap collector bouties omitted.

How fans are reacting to this adjustment:

Many players are pleased with this announcement and now consider this new plan an acceptable solution. So the kernel shortage should soon be out of the game for players with less time. But some fans now demand more intensively the complete abolition of the cores as needed material when infusing.

Because soon everyone will apparently be able to earn enough cores easily, so they will not be a real factor in infundering. What you need them but still, some fans do not understand. Then you could remove the improvement kernels completely from this process. They should then only be needed for the masterpiece upgrade – so the desire.

What do you think about the new plans for the improvement cores and the corresponding forays? Do they embody an acceptable solution for you in this form?

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