AOT 2: Final Battle – Details & Trailer For The Battle And Leader System

AOT 2: Final Battle - Details & Trailer For

AOT 2: Final Battle – Details & Trailer For The Battle And Leader System. Koei Tecmo today announced more details on “AOT 2: Final Battle,” which explains how to become a leader and build your own unit.

AOT 2: Final Battle offers up-and-coming commanders the opportunity

To create their own unit and recapture the land outside the Wall in “Territory Recovery Mode”. The unit must first be assigned a name and an emblem. It is also up to the player to choose a leader within the group. He can fall back on every playable character as well as on the “Territory Recovery Mode” created Scout. In the “base” phase, players can explore the fortress, find allies, collect materials, and improve equipment. Once the phase is over, the “Outer Campaign” starts, in which the scouts outside the wall fight for new land for humanity.

A whole lot of new equipment is available to the Scouts

In their fight against the Titans. The well-known “Slashing Gear” returns to the battlefield next to the “Shooting Gear”. The player can choose between fast, one-handed attacks and slower, stronger attacks with the equipped Shooting Gear. Scouts have the dreaded “Thunder Spear” for the first time.

AOT 2: Final Battle released on July 5, 2019.