Ghost Of Tsushima – Release Probably Still Far Away

Ghost Of Tsushima - Release Probably Still Far Away

Ghost Of Tsushima – Release Probably Still Far Away. The release of ‘Ghost of Tsushima’, which is currently under construction at Sucker Punch. Could delay for quite a while, as suggested by current evidence.

Meanwhile, there even reports that the project was canceled.

Which, of course, is quite unlikely. Nevertheless, one should not expect a release this year. So Sucker Punch is currently looking for different developers and people for the project, including a Narrative Writer who will continue to create and shape the story of Ghost of Tsushima. It says here :

“Sucker Punch is looking for a narrative writer who will create exciting narrative content for the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima project. Daily tasks include the development of stories, the game dialogue and the general narrative. The ideal candidate has a past game writer background, excellent dialogue skills, an outstanding understanding of story and game structure, authoring room experience, and the passion to tell great stories in an open-world game. “

Now you can almost imagine that if the story not even finished.

The development still has a lot of work to do. Because what should one develop, if one does not know in which direction it should go at all?

Sony mentions the release of Ghost of Tsushima anyway only as TBA, whereby it is almost open when the title should appear at all.

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