Hitman 2 – Roadmap For 2019 In The Preview

Hitman 2 - Roadmap For 2019

Hitman 2 – Roadmap For 2019 In The Preview. In addition to the monthly live content for ‘HITMAN 2’, there is also a preview of the roadmap for 2019 and its highlights, which IO Interactive captured in a graphic.

HITMAN fans can look forward to new locations, new missions and new sniper maps, to tons of new Unlocks and Ghost Mode locations that will be available as part of the Season Pass, as well as for all other players.

Today, a new Sniper Map, Locations and Special Assignment missions are already included in the Expansion Pass and Gold Edition. Agent 47 will visit the bank, a jail and the resort before the end of the year. Each new location brings new goals, challenges and unlocks as usual, which can be used at all locations.

All of the content shown on the graph is just a selection of everything that’s yet to come. IO will continue to post monthly roadmaps, monthly live stream, and more surprises when the time comes.

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