Sekiro: Shadows The Twice Sold Over 2 Million Times

Sekiro: Shadows The Twice Sold

Sekiro: Shadows The Twice Sold Over 2 Million Times. Almost record-breaking, Activision and From Software can announce the first milestone for their new IP, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice ‘.

Thus, the hardcore RPG has already sold over 2 million copies within 10 days and also has an excellent Metascore of over 90 on all platforms. Sekiro: Shadows The Twice has fought it into the hearts of the fans and the top of the charts by Shinobi’s death blow. With a “must play” status on Metacritic that only one percent of games achieve each year, From Software proves once again that they understand their craft.

“Sekiro: Shadows The Twice is a very special and unique win for Activision’s portfolio of games. It was an honor to work with FromSoftware and help them bring a brand new range to players around the world, “said Michelle Fonseca, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Activision. “The fans have helped Sekiro: Shadows make the Twice one of the most incredible sales runs in 2019 this year. The game works great on all platforms, including PC, and we’re excited about the continued support of players and critics. The joy of fans whenever they master a challenge is really contagious. “

More statistics

On the day of the release, Sekiro: Shadows The Twice was also the most watched game on Twitch. With over 631 million respected minutes on Twitch the weekend after release. Players did not get enough of the intense fighting and the exciting chance of escaping death. The game was viewed within a week on Twitch 1.1 billion minutes.