Will Bethesda Really Pay $ 100,000 For A Cat Costume In The Elder Scrolls Online?

Will Bethesda Really Pay $ 100,000

Will Bethesda Really Pay $ 100,000 For A Cat Costume In The Elder Scrolls Online? Elder Scrolls Online Fans Watch Out: Since 01.04, there are Khajiit-style cat costumes at the Bethesda Gear Store. Price range: Schlappe $ 100,000.

Looking for a horny outfit for your kitty? Check out the Bethesda Gear Shop! For $ 100,000, there’s just fancy fuss for style-conscious kitties. What, so cheap? Are you kidding me? Unfortunately yes.

The costume is indeed available at the Bethesda Gear Store, a kind of real-life shop for The Elder Scrolls Online, but a purchase is not possible.

If you want to put the costume in the shopping cart, comes the message “Happy Jesters Day” – “Happy 1st April.”

Since the costumes were released on the 1st of April, we must assume that it’s an April Fool’s joke.

But you can still find the costumes in the shop.

There’s a choice

The joke is well done anyway. The people of Bethesda have spared no effort and a cat lavishly dressed in some fun outfits.

But it looks like the kitty was not enthusiastic about it. On all pictures she looks pretty grim.

Five wonderfully quirky costumes were offered:

  • Neat Alfiq banker
  • Hardworking Alfiq dealer
  • Reverend Alfiq-clan mother
  • Cultivated Alfiq gentlemen’s outfitter
  • Carrier Alfiq parasite

Unfortunately, the names were also assigned to the photographed costumes.

Alfiqs: The House Khajiit

Wait a minute, what is an Alfiq? Alfiqs are one of the 17 known Khajiit breeds and most similar to the cats in our world. They are just as small and also walk on four paws. However, they are still as intelligent as their great kin and also understand the language of the people.

My cat wants to have such a costume! What should I do? Well, you have to use your creativity. Take the old carpet from your grandma and cut out a piece of it. You already have a fine Khajiit cape.

In an oriental jewelery shop you will also find a chic necklace that looks similar to those in the pictures.

A matching headgear is also organized quickly. Take a washcloth and wrap it around the cat’s head. Already you have the authentic look of a purebred Alfiq from Elsweyr!

By the way, a Khajiit not only needs something chic to wear, he also needs drugs:

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