After The Last Patch There Is A Big Theme In The Division 2: Balance

After The Last

It’s an eternal topic in loot shooters, but it has flared up again in The Division 2 after the last title patch 2.0. Should one buff weak equipment or earn strong items? That’s what the players are dealing with at the moment.

Why is the balance discussed?

 The last major patch brought some nerfs and other balancing changes. Many fans did not quite agree. They instead demanded that weaker stuff should simply be buffed.

Opposed to this is another part of the player who finds balanced balancing more important than making everything stronger.

Nerfs are also necessary to regulate excessive gear. It’s an eternal controversy surrounding loot-based games.

Buff or whine? The eternal issue

These Nerfs are the source of the rekindled discussion: With Title Update 2.0, two of the most popular weapons, the Mk17 rifle and the Model 700 sniper rifle, have been weakened.

They were by far the strongest weapons in their respective categories, so Massive wanted to reduce that gap. They are still strong compared to the rest, but not as powerful as before.

This has angered many players. They would have preferred to simply adapt the other weapons of each category. Instead of a nerf, you should have just grabbed a buff.

That is why the topic has been discussed for a long time: 

The Division 1 has a special past with the topic of balancing. In 3 years, the game went through several profound changes that changed the feel on many levels.

Nerfs and buffs, which were sometimes positive, sometimes negative, were the order of the day. But with some special, strong weapons and gear sets like the secret striker , there was considerable resistance to Nerfs.

The players enjoyed their powerful builds and did not want to lose them. Instead, Massive would rather tune and strengthen the weaker equipment.

New offshoot, same way?

The criticism of some players now: Subdivision of The Division 2, there are a variety of posts that are basically all the same concern. Developer Massive should refrain from Nerfs and instead buff, which is weaker.

This is required for a variety of things. So user Audenfred worries that the talents of high-end equipment could be weakened to make gear sets more valuable. In the opinion of many fans , these are too weak .

He draws this from some statements of the creators to the upcoming patch 2.1 and the changes afterwards.

User AlphaSyncz also demands:

PLEASURE, PLEASE DO NOT SUBSTITUTE the talents. Instead, buff down the weaker options to provide more variety and make our current Grind feel worth the time.

Source: Reddit

His mail has over 1,400 upvotes (as of 12:14:13:56 clock). In hundreds of comments many like-minded people agree and criticize that nowadays only the Nerf Hammer is swung when certain equipment works well.

The XscapeArtist writes:

The Division is at its best at the moment, but it could VERY quickly get dull and boring if all that the [developer] studio wants is to whip, whip, whine (this is true for all studios, not just for massive).


Some even go so far as to demand that Nerfs be left out completely. What works and is strong should stay that way. Everything else should simply be upgraded.

Others think that doing without nerfs would be a mistake. Like the user potaten64 who writes:

You have to do both, but you have to rebalance and buff each weapon, just because it’s over-crafted, is not feasible and only leads to constant power climbing.

The problem is that they are overly cautious with their buffs. The things they buffed are mostly still not good.

Source: Reddit

However, most agree: Most of the time you should do some buffs in The Division 2, rather than weaken equipment.

What do you think of the topic? Write in the comments.