Bug Overcomes Class In Destiny 2 – Bungie Says “Enjoy It”

the Guardians have already pointed out the abnormally

Bug Overcomes Class In Destiny 2 – Bungie Says “Enjoy It”. The last update for Destiny 2 brought a bug with it. Through this, arctic acrobats do much more harm than they should actually do. Bungie says: enjoy it as long as it lasts!

Why is? Currently, the Arkus Week is in focus, focusing on the Arkus subclasses in Destiny 2. In addition, Arkus Scorching activated, which increases this type of damage from all sources.

Bungie has also screwed with the last update mainly to the Arkus subclasses of the Guardians. The Arkus abilities of warlocks, titans, and hunters were buffed by the bank.

However, a bug has smuggled in, causing a hunter-subclass to inadvertently do too much damage.

Bug makes class too strong:

Especially the Arkusacrobaten hunters have benefited from the last update: The combo of the “Way of the Warrior” can now be stacked up to three times. The buff now increases melee damage in PvE by 60% per stack, instead of 50% as before.

This damage buff can also be transferred unintentionally to the Hunter’s Super. If the guardians use the exotic Chestguard Raiden-Flux, they will become unstoppable: The Armor-Perc Synapse connections will increase the effect and duration of attacks with the Arkus Wand in quick succession.

Raiden-Flux is also usable in the new PvE mode billing.

A description of the bug can be found in this video from xHOUNDISHx:

This ensures that the acrobat bosses in all activities currently melt in seconds.

Bungie says:

 In the Destiny Subreddit, the Guardians have already pointed out the abnormally high damage. The community manager Cozmo said that this not an intentional change and the developers will look at it. In the meantime, players should enjoy the “spicy” arctic acrobat.

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Also in the last “This Week at Bungie” blog pointed to the bug. The developers look at the bug, which is possible by combining certain perks. However, until the bug resolved, Guardians may witness how bosses in Gambit or other hunter activity and their arc wand pounded into the ground.

Were the Arkus Warlocks generous?