Does Destiny 2 Have The Warlock Generated? That’s What Bungie Says

Does Destiny 2

Does Destiny 2 Have The Warlock Generated? That’s What Bungie Says. Since the last update, some Destiny 2 fans have complained of a flagging Warlock Super and a seemingly broken Exotic. Was there an unintentional nerf? Now Bungie has commented on the matter.

The latest update did not go smoothly:

the update 2.2.1 not only ushered in the Arkus week and had numerous sandbox changes on board – some annoying bugs had sneaked into the game with the patch.

Bungie has already removed the most pressing ones with a hotfix , but some fans thought they had encountered another bug or unintentional nerf in the Warlock class.

Fans complained about this:

Specifically, it’s about the performance of the Arkus Warlock. With the beginning of the Arkus week, the developers have strengthened numerous Arkus classes – including the Warlock. However, some Guardians have noticed that his Arcus Super “Chaos Reach” did little or no damage in some situations.

Also, the Geomag stabilizers , an exotic leg protector for the Arkus Warlock, did not seem to work properly anymore. Actually, they should, among other things, extend the duration of chaos tension, but apparently that was no longer always the case.

Some fans suspected an unintentional nerf in the form of another bug, the 2.2.1 brought with it. Finally, this patch mainly strengthened the Arkus Super. That an Arkus Super now apparently performed worse than before the sandbox update, fit for many in the picture.

So Bungie reacts:

Meanwhile, Bungie has commented on this issue. First, community manager Cozmo contacted Reddit in one of the posts, saying developers are watching these reports.

Some time later, you obviously found the problem. As Cozmo reports, with the Chaos Stress Super and the Geomag Stabilizers, everything is ok. There was no nerf or change to this Warlock Super and the Armor Exotic. However, there is apparently a bug related to the exotic handgun Dorn .

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Thus, opponents who previously hit by the thorn, no longer take damage from the chaos tension super. The Geomags in this case could feel like they are not doing their job properly, so Cozmo.

But it could also be due to other factors. Players who experience the problem without the Dron were asked to report it and, if possible, to make videos available.

So if you like to play this warlock focus, you should refrain from using it in combination with the thorn for the time being.

This problem is also being investigated:

As the studio also announced in the current “This Week at Bungie” blog, another Arcus super has problems after the big sandbox update.

So currently the super attacks of the Arkusakrobat hunter unintentionally raushauen much higher damage than intended. Strike and Gambit bosses are now being formally pulverized by hunters using their ark rods. So do not be surprised if you can not keep up with the Arcus Hunters right now.

Bungie is already working on this problem, but when appropriate fixes are to be published is not yet known.

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