In WoW You Can Soon Put Together Your Own Piece Of Jewelry

In WoW You

In WoW You Can Soon Put Together Your Own Piece Of Jewelry. In the next patch of World of Warcraft you build your own Trinket. You can determine many properties of the new piece of jewelry yourself and get powerful bonuses.

With patch 8.2 will change a lot in the World of Warcraft. In addition to the two new areas Nazjatar and Mechagon, there are also many changes to game mechanics. There are also new systems.

If you want to design your gear according to your individual preference, you should pay attention – because in Mechagon you can assemble your own piece of jewelery (Trinket)!

Where is the new gem in WOW? According to the current state, there will be the “pocket-sized computational device” through the quest series in Mechagon. As is the case with gnome technology, this piece of jewelery can be equipped with various punch cards to obtain new features and attributes. The different punch cards are basically different colored sockets (like the jeweler), but with more powerful effects.

These punch cards are available: In the presentation, 9 different punch cards have already been shown, 3 each per slot. Depending on the color, the punch cards have different effects. Basically, the punch cards seem to be sorted like this:

  • Yellow: Pure attributes for the piece of jewelery, such as critical strike rating or versatility.
  • Red: An active ability or a powerful, passive buff. This includes, for example, channeling a damage spell or a chance to increase the tempo by 10% for a few seconds.
  • Blue: Blue punch cards are “fluff” effects, so little gimmicks. For example, you can increase your breath time under water by 1000% or have mechanical opponents displayed on the minimap.

Interaction with azerite traits: In addition, some punch cards should also be able to reinforce or slightly modify certain Azerit traits of the Azerite armor. But you will probably only see examples of this when the patch is playable on the PTR.

Where are new punch cards? The punch cards, so the upgrades for the piece of jewelry, you get from almost all game content around Mechagon. These can be rare mobs, world quests or even the visit to the dungeon “Operation: Mechagon”.

How long will you wear the piece of jewelry? Whether the piece of jewelry is so good that it serves as a constant companion in patch 8.2 or is replaced after a short time, of course, remains to be seen. That Blizzard gives the players so much freedom in the design of the equipment, however, is a novelty and will certainly serve as an experiment, whether you want to make it possible in future expansions.

Please keep in mind that the piece of jewelry and its enhancements may still change until the release of patch 8.2. Blizzard wants to wait for the feedback from the PTR players starting next week.

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