Is Fallout 76 Building An Entire City Underground?

Is Fallout 76 Building An Entire

Is Fallout 76 Building An Entire City Underground? With the next patch from Fallout 76 , an area under the earth will be accessible from Appalachia. A new “From the Vault” by Bethesda gives a little insight. Apparently, there is a kind of city waiting for you there.

What is this city?

 With the latest “From the Vault” Bethesda has introduced the upcoming underground dungeon “The Caves”. “The Caves” are a branched dungeon just below Harper’s Ferry.

Originally the cave system was created for draining Harpers Ferry. However, after the war broke out, people down there also sought protection from the new dangers created by the bombs.

The drainage system became a “hospitable community”. Before the opening of Vault 76, some members of the Steel Brotherhood were sent into the caves because of strange signals coming from there.

The members did not return and now dangers are suspected down there. It almost sounds like “The Caves” are a kind of underworld (Fallout 3) where ghouls live. Only that the ghouls are not very hospitable anymore.

What do I find in the city?

 There are still no concrete statements about what you can find in the caves. However, it is said that “plenty of booty” should be to get.

“The Caves” are designed for players of level 50 and should be so dangerous that at least two players to deny them together. Bethesda, however, promised that well-equipped players could master the co-op dungeon on their own.

This is how you enter the dungeon: According to the message, there are two entrances to the new dungeon:

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  • a manhole cover near the armory
  • a manhole cover at Highway 65

If you enter the dungeon, you will receive the quest “Waste Disposal”. Although this can only be completed once, the dungeon itself is repeatable.

“The caves” are to be made accessible with the patch of April 16, 2019.

That’s what fans say about the dungeon: So far, there are still few reactions to the caves. However, the players find it very positive that the dungeon is suitable for both co-op gameplay and solo players :

That’s great news! I am so happy that the dungeon can be co-opted and tried on my own. I was afraid that you would need 4 players.

Goddess Despeona on reddit .

Raids for four players will come in the future in the form of various Vaults, which can be addressed by groups of players. Challenges for even more players include events like the new boss, the Sheepsquatch. This approach is generally well received.

However, the players talk in the corresponding Reddit thread more about the upcoming in-game camera. This should come as a modifiable object, as a kind of “weapon” and allow instant snapshots.

What do you think of the “caves”?

Fallout 76 will get even more content and raids soon: