Looks Like Fortnite Is Bringing Thanos Back To Avengers: Endgame Launch

Looks Like Fortnite

Looks Like Fortnite Is Bringing Thanos Back To Avengers: Endgame Launch. In Fortnite, the Avengers villain Thanos may soon return. Dataminer found out in the latest patch 8.30.

Who is Thanos? This character actually comes from the Avengers movies, but already had a guest appearance in Fortnite last May.

There you could find in a special game mode the Infinity Gauntlet of Thanos and develop you to this overpowering figure.

This indicates the return of Thanos

Why should Thanos come back? A Dataminer now reports a find in patch 8.30. There are clear indications of a return of Thanos been found.

One of the lines reads: “yielded to the <Sarcasm> POWER of Thanos”

That’s why it fits so well: Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame will be released on April 24th. It’s possible that you want to promote the movie again with an event in Fortnite.

Officially, Epic has not confirmed such an event yet. But if it is suitable for the film started, then this is probably the case soon.

This is how the last Thanos event went: The villain from the Avengers films had his own game mode last year. So landed somewhere on the map his Infinity Gauntlet. The players then had to search for this glove.

The Thanos has been incredibly strong in Fortnite

Who found the glove, which developed to Thanos. That gave you a lot more life, made huge jumps and shot a laser beam out of your glove.

You were also a bit limited. For example, you could not build that. But this was not necessary, because you could jump through the air and easily destroy the buildings of your opponents.

This was especially the mode: Regardless of the Thanos the same rules of a normal solo mode were applied. The special feature of this mode, however, was that the opponents of Thanos had to work together to defeat their powerful opponent. The Thanos almost always won a 1 against 1 if he played smart.

Would you be glad about a return of Thanos?

Maybe then you can defeat the Thanos with this strong combination?

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