MMORPG Lost Ark Gets A New Class And She Looks Cool Items


MMORPG Lost Ark Gets A New Class And She Looks Cool Items. Lance Master is the newest class announced for the Korean MMORPG Lost Ark. She joins the ranks of the Damage Dealer.

What is a Lance Master?

 The new class is a fast DD with abilities ranging from melee to medium range.

What specializations the Lance Master will have or whether he himself is a specialization of a base class is still unclear.

How does the Lance Master work? From the description and the video for the new class it is clear that the Lance Master has two different postures.

  • “Ambush” attitude is more suitable for large groups of opponents and AOE attacks
  • Intense, on the other hand, specializes in individual enemies and deals high damage to them

Lance Master can switch relatively freely between them in combat, gaining access to a set of red or blue abilities that have different effects.

As is the case with the other classes in Lost Ark, the Lance Master has its own resource. It divided into “red” and “blue”, and is filled by the use of skills of the appropriate color.

The resource bar is divided into three areas. If you change your position in battle, the filled bars will be used up and the Lance Master gets different buffs and benefits.

You can watch gameplay for the new class here:

What about a release in Europe?

While Lost Ark in Korea supplied with more and more new content , the gamers sit here in the West on dry land.

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The announcement of Lost Ark in Russia , although fans of the MMORPG hope, but there no move for some time.

Although the developer Smile Gate has stressed that they want to bring Lost Ark to the West in a “finished and polished state,” still unknown when that happens.