Players Want New Content In Anthem, But There Are So Many Construction Sites

Players Want New Content In Anthem,

Players Want New Content In Anthem, But There Are So Many Construction Sites. For Anthem recently a live stream was announced, which is to show the coming end Stronghold. The players are divided: While some are happy about new content, the others demand that only the worst problems be eliminated.

New content is coming:

BioWare recently returned with the announcement of the next livestreamafter a quieter time . Next week, the new Stronghold will be presented, which will be published later in April.

In the livestream, Anthem’s Lead Producer, Ben Irving, will be reporting about the fortress “The Sunken” along with a special guest.

What’s to come in April, you read in our article on the Roadmap.

However, the players have a strange mood. You’re not sure where BioWare should fix it first: new content or better troubleshooting first?

Can you look forward to new content, if there are still so many problems?

Players want new content: Many players are happy about the announcement of the new content. Some freelancers say they have already put the game aside because there is simply too little to do for them.

The statement that there a wealth of endgame content in Anthem. The most popular joke posting in the anthem subreddit on April 1, with over 6,400 upvotes.

Some hope for bug fixes: Other freelancers hope that BioWare first takes care of the issues before adding new content to the game. By announcing their contribution to the stream, players want BioWare to first deal with the worst bugs, rather than a new fortress .

The user Ventrical in the Anthem Subreddit says: “You would not put new floors and carpets in a house with a holey roof, would you? Even if two different teams work on this job, the roof would have to be repaired first, otherwise, the rain would ruin all the work. ”

Players want more info:

Players want BioWare’s information policy from before the launch. At that time, many developers were on Reddit and in the social media and have discussed with the players about Anthem.

Others suggest a regular blog like The Division’s “State of the Game” or “This Week at Bungie” on Destiny 2.

In the development of Anthem Destiny was allegedly not even mentioned:

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