That Says Drdisrespect To The New Fortnite Skin, Which Looks Very Similar To Him

That Says Drdisrespect To The New Fortnite

That Says Drdisrespect To The New Fortnite Skin, Which Looks Very Similar To Him. Fortnite has released a variation of a skin and it looks very similar to the popular streamer DrDisrepect. The streamer looks similar.

This is the new skin: In November, Fortnite released the Counter Attack Skin . He came with a glider and a pickaxe. The skin was there for a short time when you bought a graphics card from Nvidia.

Now there was the skin by a mistake in the shop of Fortnite to buy. Whoever bought it with the Nvidia bundle at that time, now gets a new version of the skin. Instead of a green vest, the character wears a red vest. In addition a headset on the head.

That says DrDisrespect to Skin: On Twitter, the streamer writes:

“Fortnite is really preparing me for duets with Tfue.

In direct comparison with the streaming outfit of the Doc, the similarity becomes clear:

Does Fortnite lure the streamer back into play for a long time with this skin? Or did he mean the threat seriously and want to sue?

Anyway, he wants to play with the Streamer Tfue. He is known for his tremendous skill in Fortnite.

The story of DrDisrespect and Fortnite: It’s been going on and off between Epic’s Streamer and Battle Royale for some time now. Again and again he emphasizes in his streams that he does not really like the game. He uninstalled it several times, but came back again.

In his streams he explained that he could not stand Fortnite

After a few weeks without Fortnite, DrDisrespect now streams it again and again. Maybe in the course of his Tripple Thread Challenge: