The Division 2: Dealer Reset On 13.4. – The Best Offers

The Division 2: Dealer Reset On 13.4

The Division 2: Dealer Reset On 13.4. – The Best Offers. At  The Division 2 today, the 13.4., The big dealer reset, the Vendor Reset. Which offers are particularly worthwhile, you will learn here.

Quick information on dealer reset on 13.4 .:

  • Every week during the night from Friday to Saturday, distributors in The Division 2 receive new items on offer
  • The following items will be in World Rank 5 this week. The items vary from world rank to world rank. If other items should be displayed on world rank 5, please let us know in the comments.
  • We only offer the high-end items on offer, because they are generally the best stuff.
  • This week (11.4.) 8 things were fixed with a patch.
  • For the upcoming week another update is planned.
  • In addition, go on 17.4. the PTS online.

The best weapons in the dealer inventories

  • Campus – Mk17 Police Version (Rifle) with the Talents Maintenance (Kills repair 5% armor over 3 sec.), Allegro (+ 10% Rate of Fire) and Protected Attack (Increases armor by 10% when using a skill)
  • DZ East Main Entrance – Mk46 Military Version (LMG) with the Talents Stressed (+ 10% crit damage for every 5% armor you lose), Extra (+ 20% Magazine Capacity) and Protected Application (If you have a Skill active , your armor is increased by + 10%)
  • DZ South Main Entrance – RPK-74 M – Military version with the Spike talents (headshot kills + 25% skill damage for 10 seconds), Extra (+ 20% Magazine Capacity) and Rooted (+ 25% skill strength and healing for 10 seconds if in cover, every 25 seconds possible)

In addition, Cassie has weapons, we show them a little further down in the article.

The best armor parts on offer

The high-end gear:

  • White House Sellers at the Quartermaster – Backpack of 5.11 Tactical with gun damage bonuses, crit chance, and reduced cooldown. The talents are Vital (+ 20% Life Energy) and Hardened (+ 10% Armor)
  • Theater – Overlord Armaments Gloves with gun damage and life energy. Has the talent Wicked (+ 10% weapon damage if the opponent has a status effect)
  • Campus – Murakami Industries knee pads with bonus armor. Has the talent Self-Regulating (+ 20% Armor Regeneration) and a good roll.
  • DZ West Main Entrance – Airaldi Holdings Holster with Krit damage. Has the talent Destructive (+ 20% Explosive Damage)
  • DZ South Main Entrance – Richter & Kaiser Vest with crit damage, crit chance and bonus armor. The talents are a safety precaution (Kill an enemy to get a 150% bonus to repair and heal effects for 20 seconds) and Bluff (+ 15% damage to elite). Has a high roll and good talents. Access.


  • You can find the bonuses of the brand sets here
  • You can find the entire dealer offer on this  page of rubenalamina

Cassie – offer

The secret dealer Cassie keeps changing her location. As you find Cassie, we have here for you.

Where she is currently, right after the vendor reset, this video shows you:

Your offer:

  • Needlepoint – Covert SRS (Sniper Rifle) with the First Blood talents (First shot from a magazine deals head-on damage against any enemy body part), Distance (+ 15% optimal range), and Everlasting (When defended, the weapon regenerates ammo every 5 seconds)
  • Commando – Paratrooper SVD (Sniper Rifle) with the talents Naked (head-shot damage is increased by + 50% when your armor is destroyed), Accurate (+ 15% precision) and Zen (If you remain in cover for 3 seconds, you become blind and disoriented Eliminated effects)
  • Kneepads by Gila Guards with health bonuses and the Talent Insulated (+ 10% Danger).
  • Holster by Douglas & Harding with bonuses on crit chance and health points.

Do you have any special recommendations? Write us in the comments.

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