These Are The Strongest New Decks In Hearthstone And So You Counter Them

These Are The Strongest New Decks In

These Are The Strongest New Decks In Hearthstone And So You Counter Them. The strongest decks in Hearthstone are hard to beat. We’ll tell you which counterattack the victory can succeed anyway.

Currently, most Hearthstone players are still in the experimental phase, which is perfectly normal after the release of a new addon. After all, there are 135 new cards in “Conspiracy of Shadows”.

But many players have already set themselves on one or two decks, which are seen again and again in the standard game. Especially popular are currently a form of control warrior and a pirate villain.

These are just two of the strongest decks in Hearthstone:

  • The pirate villain brings back an old darling: pirates with onslaught. Through the Waggelpicke the rogue can take the onslaught-servant back on his hand and let it attack directly reduced again.
  • The control warrior, however, relies on the archivist Elysiana to prolong the game. Combined with numerous protective abilities, armor and spotters, battles are very long and often reach into the exhaustion area, where the warrior wins by pure stamina.

If you want to join the hype around the two decks, you can find their two codes here. You can copy these codes into the caches and then paste them into Hearthstone. The game then automatically puts the corresponding decks together.

Code for the control warrior: AAECAQcGkAeS + AKO + wKggAP4hgOGnQMMS6IE / wf7DJvzAvT1AoP7Ap77ArP8ApWUA9KYA5KfAwA =

Code for the pirate rogue: AAECAaIHBLICyAOvBOf6Ag20AcsDzQPUBe4GiAfdCIYJpu8C + v4C1YwDj5cDiZsDAA ==

These two decks dominate in almost all ranks and make the climb difficult if you do not play them yourself. However, if you do not feel like gambling on these two decks and looking for solid counterparts or alternatives, we’ll help you.

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The control magician with mighty dragons

Slowly but surely this Apxvoid deck is gaining in popularity. It turns out to be particularly solid against the aforementioned warrior and heaps it gradually with more and more powerful becoming dragon.

There are also maps like Khadgar, which, in conjunction with Creation Power. The Astromant, or Summoner’s Call, brings so many minions to the field. That the enemy must quickly throw down the shotgun. But do not play all your trumps at the same time, because warriors continue to have skirmishes that break many a player’s neck.

Thanks to Zilliax and some copies of Rotten Apple Tree, the magician should also have enough self-healing to survive initial attacks and eventually build enough dominance with a multitude of powerful minions.

Code for the control mage:AAECAf0ECPsGkAfF8wKggAPsiQPAmAOWmgOKngMLigfhB40Izu8CifECw / gC6IkD6JQD55UDg5YDoJsDAA ==

Death Rattle Hunter with many spells

Also solid against the prevailing decks, and thus even on the rise, is the Death Rattle Hunter. Through various buff cards and lots of interactions between each Deathrage effects, this variant of the hunter can quickly flood the field. At the same time, he can often trigger the death-rattle of his servants without the corresponding servants having to die for it.

Combined with many spells triggered by the hero’s Zul’jin card once more, the hunter can secure his position on the field.

Death Rattle Hunter Code: AAECAR8GhwTJBIDzAqCAA5uFA / GWAwy1A5cI7 / UCtPYCufgCoIUDoooDsIsD5pYD8pYD + ZYDtpwDAA ==

With which decks are you trying to ascend the ranks? Or have you still not found a good combination?

More interesting decks to start we have introduced you here:

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