3 Reasons Why You Should Stop By The Spring Event In Destiny 2

Destiny 2

At Destiny 2 , the new spring event “The Indulgence” starts for the first time today, on the 16th of April. Three things make our author Sven particularly fond of the three-week festivities.

What’s up with the Spring Festival? The Indulgence is a brand new event that puts Destiny 2 in a festive shell and celebrates the dawn of spring in Season 6 .

The revelry begins with the Weekly Reset on April 16 and runs until May 7. All Guardians can participate in these festivities, regardless of any additional content.

They can, among other things, deny a new activity, earn new cosmetics in a cool festive look or dust off a new exotic weapon.

Find out more here: All information about the revelry event – So Destiny 2 celebrates the spring

So far, I’ve found the Season 6: Destiny 2 currently has so much content to offer that you get almost trouble, with all three characters to download everything that has to offer the week for the Guardians. But in Season 6 nothing could really motivate me yet .

The new modes Gambit Prime and Billing do not really appeal to me. The Arkus week was a disappointment for me. Only the hunt for the exotic handgun Dorn , the PvP and the invitations of the nine have held me up to now.

Therefore, it is worthwhile in my eyes, watch the event: Even if it certainly will not go all the guard so certainly, so many a player should feel the same way.

The indulgence could now bring some fresh wind and more variety in the Season 6, to dive even without Gambit Prime and billing more intense at Destiny 2. Especially three things really make me want for the event and Destiny 2.

The Grünforst – The new event activity

This is the green forest: With the indulgence holds a new activity at Destiny 2, the so-called Grünforst.

It is an alternative and sophisticated version of the Mercury ‘s “Everforst” – a kind of arena that is recomposed from many different parts on each pass, thus confronting the Guardians with new situations and opponents.

This is how the Grünforst plays: The Grünforst is similar to the  Spukforst at the Festival of the Lost play, but have more twists and turns to offer.

It is important to fight your way through as many rooms as possible. The more of these spaces you master, the more time you have to stand up to the 5 bosses of the activity and grab the loot. 

That’s why I’m looking forward to this activity: When Immerforst was announced and introduced with the DLC “Curse of Osiris”, I hoped a lot from this activity.

Back then I had set myself firmly on a rogue-like experience, in which I must penetrate as far as possible into a randomly generated dungeon and dust it always better Loot.

But I was disappointed like many other guardians too. Because the everforst turned out in principle as a prettier landing zone and connecting piece between different level areas.

But then Bungie breathed new life into the Festival of the Lost, the Immerforst, by bringing him back to Spukforst as an event activity. The Spukforst then became for me to exactly the activity, which I had previously hoped for the Immerforst.

You had 15 minutes to fight numerous enemies and bosses in randomly generated areas. If you had turned off the boss, the activity started again on the next level – with increasingly strong opponents and bosses.

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The spooky forest showed how much potential there is in the everforst and was so well received by many fans that it demanded its permanent whereabouts, but this did not happen.

With the Grünforst comes back a very similar activity, which in my opinion should also provide numerous entertaining rounds with friends or random players. If the Grünforst comes even close to the Spukforst, then in my opinion worth the visit all times. At the moment I can hardly wait to finally plunge into the green forest and explore the new activity.

The Arbalest – a new exotic

The spring event brings the next new weapon exotic: During the course of Season 6, two new exotic weapons should be introduced. The handgun Dorn can already be earned. With the indulgence comes now the second weapon Exotic into play – the fusion rifle Arbalest.

That’s the Arbalest: it’s the first kinetic linear fusion rifle in Destiny 2. The Arbalest fires missiles that deal massive damage to enemy Elemental shields (although the weapon is kinetical). In addition, if you use the Arbalest to destroy their Elemental Shield, enemies will become more vulnerable to kinetic damage for a short time.

That’s why I’m looking forward to the weapon: For me, this new exotic weapon sounds exciting for a while now and above all, it’s really exotic – at least on paper. Besides, she just looks cool.

I am all the tense now, to earn myself this hooligan and finally try it out in practice. Soon it should show, whether the weapon is only worth it for collectors or whether you can slaughter it with the opposing ranks.

It is not known if the weapon will remain available directly beyond the event, whether it jumps out of exotic engrams only accidentally, for example the Donnerlord, or even disappears completely after the funeral. So if you’re interested in the Arbalest, then you should definitely drop in at the spring event.

How to get the Arbalest, you’ll learn here: Data Miner reveals: So there’s the next new weapon Exotic in Destiny 2

Event-specific rewards

These rewards come with the event: The Spring Festival “The Revelation” has plenty of new, event-specific rewards in store. Many of them were leaked some time ago – including ghosts, Sparrows and new armor sets.

Here you can take a closer look at them: These bonuses will be in the spring event of Destiny 2 .

Most bonuses can be earned by contesting the event. As of now, there are only two items for direct purchase. The good thing about it: A knockout system is active in the happy-ending event engrams that make up most of the event loot. There are no duplicates until you have collected all new items from the event loot pool.

As a diligent collector, I’m looking forward to the new event loot.

I am especially looking forward to these rewards: Even if the event-loot does not award me every time – this time there are a lot of things I really want to have.

For one thing, it has done the right thing with the Everversum’s Event Armor Kits. I really like the looks this time around, and I also like the enhanced effect of the new buff elixirs with every other piece of armor . I have made it my goal to complete all three sets with all guardian classes.

In addition, both ghost covers, the cool golf gesture and both Sparrows are due this time. The cosmetics I think this time almost all succeeded. And these are only available during the event. If you have an eye on one or the other Cosmetic thrown, a visit will probably be inevitable.

What do you think of the spring event? Will you stop by? Or does the indulgence not appeal to you?

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