Anthem Is Looking For A New Employee To Fix The Loot – He Should


BioWare continues to work to get Anthem back on track. With a series of job calls you want to hire new employees to work on the biggest criticisms of the players.

What is wanted? BioWare has recently released job advertisements for new employees to help with Anthem. The potential new employees should above all be used where the players criticize the most:

  • Loot
  • Items
  • Game Store
  • rewards
  • battle system

Loot is to be revised: Especially the loot in Anthem is discussed again and again with the players. Now BioWare wants to hire a new Senior Systems Designer, who will evidently roll up the loot system. The tasks of the new designer should include the following tasks:

Building a really great, server-side loot system that’s scalable, modern concepts like streak-breaking (unluckily, those who have gone empty-handed, have a greater chance of looting next time) and easily modifiable data formats offers. A great loot system ensures that players have predictable experiences that can be garnered with data.

BioWare job posting

Most recently, Anthem brought an update whereby players get loot for the “right” Javelins .

That’s what the players say: Some players have been skeptical about job applications so far. Some think this is pure PR, while other freelancers ask why they are looking for new employees only now and did not do so before the launch.

Other players welcome BioWare’s move and see it as a commitment and dedication. The search for new employees means for them that Anthem is not abandoned yet and does not share the same fate as Mass Effect: Andromeda. Planned DLCs for Andromeda were discontinued after much criticism and modest sales less than five months after the release and thus the game is not supported .

Soon there will be new content for Anthem, which will be shown in the next livestream:

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